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Sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's mushrooming scandal

Douglas Caddy

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From the article: All stories like this have a butler. In this case Epstein’s Butler Alfredo Rodriguez, who was arrested and did time for his role of paymaster to Epstein, marked up a copy of Epstein’s little black book for Palm Beach Police showing who Epstein had pandered pre-teen girls to. The list, which I have seen, is mind blowing. It includes a former governor, a billionaire Republican donor, a Prime Minister, a former Senate Majority Leader, a well known lawyer, royalty, socialites and scientists. Kingpin sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s take on all this?: “I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender.’ It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.”


And then there is this development in U.K.:


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Douglass - this story is incredible. I can only wonder if it's true, not because Epstein is a 'Democrat' but because the scandal is getting so little attention, especially here. Are these offenders simply protected by money and privilege or is it a witch hunt of some kind? When I see Ann Coulter quoted I always get suspicious. But at the end of the first article it becomes clear the scandal is not sectarian. Without reading the article that far one is left with the impression it is about the Clintons and Alan Dershowitz. You follow this bombshell up with an article about Great Britain and David Cameron. Is it related? This looks like an investigation of something decades old.

Peter Levenda, in his interesting trilogy called Political Witchcraft', makes the case that people in positions of power and privilege are often sexual deviants, often tied with satanic style cults. These types of scandals are like icebergs where we only occassionally glimpse the surface of something that runs shockingly deep. It seems as if we ordinary working people are doomed to be ruled by sociopaths.

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For the past year or so Great Britain has been rocked by allegations of horrendous criminal activity by the well-connect involving children. Same cases extend back decades but in some of these cases the accused are still alive and being prosecuted.

It is obvious that U.S. prosecution authorities attempted to cover-up the Epstein case that involves VIPs but the recent civil suit by one of the victims has revived it. The story could become a major factor in the U.S. presidential campaign if Hillary Clinton seeks the Democratic nomination due to Bill C's alleged involvement. It brings back to mind The Franklin Chronicles saga.

Peter Levenda is correct on this and on a lot of other things.

Paul, what you post constantly always amazes me. Your knowledge runs deep and covers a large number of subjects. Members like you make the Forum highly credible.

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