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New book links Robert Kennedy directly to Marilyn Monroe's death

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Much of last night’s coasttocoastam radio program was devoted to the death of Marilyn Monroe. The program’s two guests have written a new book, “The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case closed.” They link Robert Kennedy directly to Monroe’s death (see the program summary above.) In the last two minutes of the three hour interview, one of the guests opined that he was confident that James Files was the assassin of JFK because nothing had been shown to disprove this. By uttering this opinion he likely cast doubt on the credibility of his new book on Marilyn Monroe’s death.



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Question: Was it possible in 1962 to cover up the cause of death? That is, to pin the cause of death on barbiturates or other drugs consumed voluntarily but administered involuntarily?

One of the great ironies of conspiracy-land is that people who think RFK was killed by a conspiracy cite the autopsy performed by Dr. Thomas Noguchi as proof of their theory, while the people who think Marilyn Monroe was killed by a conspiracy do so in opposition to the autopsy performed by Dr. Thomas Noguchi...and that these are often the same people.

The Marilyn was murdered bit is juicy and sells books, but is almost certainly a bunch of nonsense. The Marilyn was murdered by RFK bit is a sickening lie, IMO.

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Here's what one book reviewer had to say about "THE MURDER OF MARILYN MONROE: CASE CLOSED" ....

"This is the worst rip off ever, it has nothing to do with a book. It's a look up on newspaper articles, books and movies. After having read 50% of this so-called book, the author turns to telling about Robert Kennedy and his death. In the end there is even shown pictures and information on the shooting of Bobby. To be honest this is disrespectful to Marilyn Monroe!"



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IMO Bobby Kennedy displayed a willingness to use violence.

He was an "elitist". Upper-middle-class individuals were drawn to him politically. He was a surrogate for those who favored action to right wrongs they could not bring themselves to right.

Bobby Kennedy read the political tea leaves correctly.

Would he have killed, or participated in the killing of, Marilyn Monroe?

He was quite willing to have Castro killed.

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