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Another Look At Gerald Posner

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Another Look at Gerald Posner

By Mike Golden

September 30, 2010

The Exiled

From the article: Outside of the non-existence of Holloman and Raul in the “lone gun” narrative Campbell created, probably the biggest faux pas Posner made in Killing The Dream was to out Jack Valenti. By getting the then President and CEO of The Motion Picture Association of America to deny in print the charges witness Glenda Grabow had made that she had appeared in kiddie porn films for Valenti and his partner Jack Ruby when she was a 14-year-old elementary school dropout in the Houston area in 1961-62, Posner got “the Little Valet” (as LBJ used to call his former top aide) to publicly deny it ever happened. Thus, putting something on the record that probably never would have appeared as anything but backroom innuendo.

Who let the MPAA gnome onto Air Force One at a moment like this?

Even three years after his death, the former head of the Motion Picture Rating Bureau, for all practical intents and purposes, remains the 5,000-pound gorilla in this investigation — a name so big, a charge so outrageous – those factors, probably more than any other, ran Oliver Stone off the film he was in the process of making about the MLK assassination. Up until the time Posner got Valenti to deny the non-public accusations, his name had only been whispered (along with Ruby’s) in the inner circles of both sides of the investigation. Posner’s explanation in Killing The Dream could serve as the punchline of why “it was impossible for (Glenda) Grabow to have seen (Jack) Valenti in Houston during most of the time she claimed (she was doing kiddie porn for him and Jack Ruby), since he was living and working in Washington, D.C. in a high profile job in the Johnson administration (p. 305).”

Of course, what makes Posner’s fact finding so good is that Grabow always claimed what happened with Ruby & Valenti happened long before the JFK assassination, and Valenti, as anyone who knows anything about history knows, didn’t move to Washington to work for LBJ until the fateful moment he boarded Air Force One at Love Field in Dallas to watch the new President sworn in and bring the body of the dead one back to the Capital, on November 22, 1963. The only explanation for why Posner’s Editor didn’t catch his gross bungling of facts is that this is the kind of xxxx that always seems to happen when attempting to pound square pegs of evidence into round holes of a pre-orchestrated conclusion.


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