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Link to the James Branum Doodle:


So what is this thing?

I have a few ideas and maybe you will too, but this is how I learned of it. As I understand it, several years ago John Dolva was going through the docs located in the Dallas Municipal Archives, John F. Kennedy/Dallas Police Department Collection. He was reading the four-page written statement given to the Dallas Police Department by Buell Wesley Frazier, and John was apparently moving from page to page by changing the last digit in the URL. When he got to the last page of Frazier's statement, a URL ending in 004, he proceeded on to 005 and was presented with this doodle.

It was apparently not listed anywhere in the collection, it was just waiting there patiently at the end of Frazier's statement, waiting for John to discover it. And for the last few years John has posted about it on this forum at least nine different times, short posts asking if anyone knew any thing about it.

John indicated a suspicion that it might have something to do with Jim Braden since his name was so close to James Branum. And in fact an anagram of "James Branum Doodle", is:


"MU" has several meanings, but in many Asian cultures it means something that doesn't exist, or no longer exists, or is dead. I'll have more to say about the word "MU" in future posts.

But what is the connection, if any, between Frazier's written statement and this Doodle? Was it found on the back seat of Frazier's car after the assassination? Did Oswald give it to Frazier to hang on his wall? I have no idea.

Somebody would need to ask Frazier, I suppose, perhaps some investigator that is already on good terms with him.

In my opinion, the doodle has all of the earmarks of a huge "ICO" puzzle, the subject of a thread I started almost two years ago called "The Oswald Code". "ICO" stands for "Igor", "Case", and, "Oswald", and these three guys, in my opinion, along with three or four others were attempting to prevent the assassination, and for alibi purposes, they documented their activities in over two hundred coded puzzles. And I think this doodle is one of them. It is a bit unique, however, in that it contains not only anagramable material, but also a pictogram, a doodle. The label on the "Undeliverable Package" also has pictogramic aspects.

When John Dolva posted about this doodle, no one, including myself, appeared to show any interest. But three months ago, when I was putting together my last post on "The Oswald Code" thread (post #26 linked below), I noticed a possible connection, which I will need to explain briefly (there is no need to refer to this post now, do it later if you're interested):


You might want to bring up the link below, however, Gary Murr's photo of the "Undeliverable Package" label:


The first line of the label reads, "For Lee Oswald". However, I make the argument in post #26 (linked above), that the "Delta" symbol in the upper left corner of the label is very much a part of the label puzzle. The first line of the label, for puzzle purposes in my opinion, should be regarded as reading:


This can anagram to:




Another anagram of "DELTA FOR LEE OSWALD" appears to tell us something about the word "ALTER" in the last anagram:


So where did the number "4" come from? It came from translating an "E" to a "4" using this:


This is the simplest method known to man for translating letters into numbers and visa versa. It is universal in all the "ICO" puzzles and is indicated on the package label itself.

I believe I know where two of the four "DOODLE FLAWS" are and I am going to show you one of them right now. Hopefully before this thread is finished, we will have found all four. And by the way, I have not by any means solved this doodle puzzle, if in fact that is what it turns out to be. I have a few pages of notes, but this is a puzzle that could take me a year working by myself, or ten years. This is why I am talking to you.

If you don't have the doodle on your screen, bring it up again:


Notice the "BO" between "James" and "Branum". It seems to be a mistake, a flaw if you will. This should be a big red flag to any "ICO" puzzle-master. Oswald's Historic Diary is filled with flaws and misspellings that litter the 88 puzzles within the diary (see post #14, The Oswald Code), and every one of those flaws, I submit, is central to the puzzle itself.

When I first saw the "BO" "flaw" sitting there all by itself, I ran it through "ICO's" "Double Talk" cipher, the "DT" cipher, as it is usually called in the puzzles. You can read about this simple substitution cipher in my first post, and where its name came from too. Below is the cipher, and it usually works from the top down. This "DT" cipher, like the number/letter key, is grade school level encryption:



So the "BO" flaw ciphers out to "LY", which gives us, "BOLY", which can anagram to:


But I made that decision all on my own, which I don't think is particularly outrageous, but it turns out that we seem to have instructions to accomplish this same act, a common feature of "ICO" puzzles:

Forget the "LY" I added for a moment. If we merely add the "BO" to "James Branum Doodle", we have "JAMES BO BRANUM DOODLE", which can anagram to:


And the obvious way to double "BO" is with the "Double Talk" cipher above, which, of course gives us the same answer: "BY LO".


Just a couple of quick examples of what we can do with this: Remember that before we had the "BY LO", "JAMES BRANUM DOODLE" anagrammed to:


Now with the addition of "BY LO", it can anagram to:


And here is yet another anagram of "JAMES BRANUM DOODLE BY LO":


"MOMO" would presumably be "Sam 'Momo' Giancana".

And much much more. To be continued.


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