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A new theory of the assassination

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Being a new member, I am reticent to create a new post on speculation rather than fact, but have been thinking about this concept lately and thought I'd get fellow members' take on it.

I thought of this while I was reminded of/reading up on Kerry Thorney, who is one of the wilder subjects in the assassiniation conspiracy cannon. According to Thornley, he was encountered by someone he later believed to be E. Howard Hunt in disguise, who at first obtusely broached the subject of assassinating Kennedy and later became more explicit. Thornley wondered if the Hunt figure was even preparing him to be a fall-guy in the murder. This got me thinking (whether or not Thronley is trustworthy or not)--perhaps Hunt or some equivalent in the CIA was testing out impressionable young right-wingers or idealogues who could be groomed as assassins of Kennedy.

We have already seen it demonstrated that the CIA has taken the path of least resistence when it comes to assassinations--removing security and passively allowing an assassination plot to occur or guiding principals to act rather letting an active US hand in a plot be uncovered.

Perhaps this same train of logic could be applied to the JFK assassination. Maybe CIA rogues encouraged an already temperamental person to do the shooting. I imagine there are thousands of individuals who could be fairly easily convinced to take part in an assassination with a little guidance. Now, the conspirators couldn't take the chance of trusting the whole murder with this one individual; after all it had to succeed. Therefore, they would have someone else (or perhaps two teams) shoot from the Dal-Tex Building at the same time as Oswald to ensure success. If everything went to plan, the "fall-guy" would really shoot at the president and in the heat of the moment maybe even think that he really caused the murder. At worst, if he chickened out, he would still be in a compromsing position, and for all intents and purposes still guilty of the crime, and thus would cover his tracks. If he did talk in the meantime before they killed him, all he would know is some made-up identity of Hunt. I know this is controversial, as many conspiracy theorists believe Oswald was framed completely, but it would explain his incriminataing behavior immediately after the assassination.

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Incriminating behavior?

Assume all you know is Oswald's movements as told by the wcr. Even after leaving the rifle, the shells, he still casually leaves. Walks away to catch a bus back West. The timing does not work for Tippit. He is not 5'10, 165, in a white jacket. The man changes clothes yet does not change his look And can now go anywhere.

This man who we know had not killed a soul has just killed the pres and a cop and is about as casual as they. Almost an air of protected. When he is finally charged, a look, a what? And nothing incriminating to the FBI, CIA or anyone is offered.

I simply fail to see how this man was involved... Or was the greatest actor we've known.

A VERY GOOD speculation....Brian... I appreciate your thinking. But shots from the front need to be changed. Hunt and gang would have little if any pull at Bethesda, where the cover up is created and reality disappears forever...

Good post and one well worth more thought.

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LHO could not have been very bright. He couldn't tell he was being sheep-dipped by the intelligence agencies. Kennedy was going to ride right before the TSBD. Knowing how Texans felt about Kennedy -- wanted for treason.

One thing I've read recently, G. Gordon Liddy, of the CIA, was working with E. Howard Hunt. Supposedly he was the one to shoot J.D. Tippit. And Tippit's body was used to fake x-rays and stand-in for JFK's body. He was embalmed by the notorious Liggit and autopsied as JFK, as they shared a resemblance. Liggit became a millionaire. (The Men Who Killed Kennedy)

Later when the coffin was brought back home out of Bethesda and its embalming, Jackie and Robert viewed the body. Jackie looked and said, "It isn't him. It's something you'd see in Madame Tussaud's," (wax figures of celebs) and walked away. Bobby Kennedy with Schlesinger looked at the body and said, "It doesn't even look like him." His friend said, "It isn't him. It's a wax dummy. Close the coffin."

From myforrestgumplife.com:

"Officer J.D. Tippit's assignment was to pick Oswald the patsy up after the assassination and kill him. The rest of the assassins would then meet at the local theater where they would be driven to the airport in a Dallas police car. However Oswald was on to Tippit and got out of the book depository and onto a bus back to his boarding house. It was there that Tippit pulled up in front of the boarding house and honked his horn three times not knowing that Oswald was onto him. Oswald waited for him to leave before walking to the movie theater to meet his contact whom he still trusted.

Meanwhile Tippit is still driving around the area looking for Oswald and a witness reports seeing Tippit stop to question a man walking on the sidewalk who shoots Tippit. Since one witness saw three men running from the scene one has to wonder if Tippit didn't already have two passengers in his back seat at the time he encountered the man walking. (taking them to the movie theatre?) According to Frank Sturgis' deathbed confession Gordon Liddy killed Tippet to further implicate Oswald. So was it Liddy whom Tippit pulled up to?"

This page is interesting. It's by Michael Allan Hall, apparently an actor. Then he names all the celebrities he's met.

Kathy C

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Your post resonates with a theory I read awhile back. The theory is that the reason JFK's remains didn't look to Bobby and Jackie like the real JFK is that they weren't; they were the remains of J.D. Tippit, who resembled JFK facially. Allegedly, the closed coffin buried on Saturday, which supposedly contained Tippit's remains, was empty.

This theory is IMO a real stretch, but it accounts for several anomalies: the way Tippt's body was handled, the appearance discrepancy, and the fact Tippit was given a coup de grace to the head.

As I say, I think the theory's a stretch. But if Tippit's killing indeed had something to do with JFK's killing, and if Oswald killed neither Tippit nor JFK but was framed as a patsy, all bets are off.

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That theory was formed by Robert Morningstar, a writer. At the time I thought it was nuts. Now, I'm wondering. And

the latest is that J.D.Tippit was killed by G. Gordon Liddy, who was working with E. Howard Hunt for the CIA. It

explains embalmer Liggit who supposedly came home disheveled and exhausted. He was trying to make Tippit look

like Kennedy, giving him bullet wounds like Kennedy had only going in a different location. Whoever killed Tippit

Highly upset, he took his "family" out of town, where they went to a hotel and he watched TV the whole time. and

when LHO was shot, he noticeably breathed a sigh of relief and they went home. LHO knew something about this.

When he was finally killed, Liggit came into millions, I understand. He became a gambler and his wife divorced him.

This is in one of the early episodes of The Men Who Killed Kennedy. It doesn't mention Robert Morningstar or Tippit's

body, but it tells about Liggit, the Body Snatcher (My term.).

Kathy C

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