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Marilyn Monroe murdered by CIA Agent ~ death bed confession

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The fact that Monroe had a rectal barbiturate et al that killed her has always made me suspicious about her death.

Do people take barbiturates that way? If not, and it's a fact that she had it, then I would say it was more than suspicious. As in murder without any doubt.

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Ron, I read in Seymour Hersh's book that it happened that way ~ I think that is the book. I saw a show on Discover or one of those "Hate JFK" channels. The show tried to pin it on RFK putting the rectal shot in ~ ??? But they also had FBI surveillance mentioned in the show the missing diary and strange comings and goings by Peter Lawford and I think RFK??? And I'm sure that the usual suspects would be brought up here. Mafia, CIA, Hoover....

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I think this diary of yours is as important as any other diary on this site.

The death of Marilyn Monroe since day one has reeked of cover-up and deception.

If Monroe had an affair with JFK when he was president and if she threatened to go public about it, as some believe, she would have been a danger to the Kennedys.

I've always believed those who killed JFK felt justified, morally justified, in killing him.

I've also always been struck by the sense of cover-up in both the Monroe and JFK deaths.

It's easy for me to believe the deaths were connected in some way.

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No, A CIA Agent Didn't Just Admit To Murdering Marilyn Monroe.

Did a retired CIA officer recently admit on his deathbed that he murdered Marilyn Monroe? Nope. It’s all part of a stupid hoax from fake news site World News Daily Report.

The story was picked up by conspiracy theory aficionados InfoWars, among a host of other sites. But as Snopes points out, the image used at the top of the World News Daily Report story doesn’t show a CIA agent by the name of Normand Hodges. The photo actually comes from a 2014 article in The Guardian about ill prisoners.



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There is a book called the DD Group, a bunch of amateur, but fervent,

investigators interested in Monroe's death which Amazon has. This is

their conclusion. Bobby Kennedy called her that day (Saturday, August

4, 1962) and she wouldn't see him. Very angry. He showed up with

Peter Lawford. Monroe grabbed a knife and came after Bobby. The 2

men wrestled her to the floor to get the knife out of her hands. They

leave. Her psychiatrist, Greenson, came over. He called Dr.

Engleberg to come over and give Marilyn a nembutal shot. Engleberg

was having difficulties in his marriage, leading to divorce. He told

Greenson he couldn't come over. Greenson asked if he could go over

to his place for liquid nembutal. Greenson came back with the liquid

nembutal. He instructed Eunice Murray, whom Marilyn hated, to give a

certain dose of the drug in an enema to Marilyn. After Greenson left,

Eunice did so. It later became apparent that Marilyn was dead or near

death. Eunice had given Monroe too much of the drug. What they

didn't know was Monroe was filled with Chloral Hydrate, which she

bought in Mexico. The 2 drugs killed her. Because of her mistake,

Eunice Murray effectively killed Marilyn Monroe. When Pat Newcomb

found out, she yelled, "That woman should be hung up by her thumbs."

Bobby Kennedy took a helicopter to LAX, then a plane (probably a

friend's) to the area near Gilroy, CA. He was photographed Sunday

morning about 9:30 am, going to church with his family in Gilroy. I

believe this photo is being suppressed.

Bobby had no reason to make Monroe give up the "red diary." Was he

stupid? No. If she had something written down about the

Administration, he would have taken it with him, rather than trust her to

do it. But I believe there was no red diary. In her last weeks her file

cabinets in the guest house were broken into several times.

Robert Slatzer was her friend. I found pictures of him with Monroe at

her birthday party on the set of Something's Got to Give, just like he

maintained. You could see their closeness. This wasn't uncovered by

the DD Group, but was found by me on youtube.

Kathy C

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