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The administration invested a lot to take over this site and protect and continue it. We created a set of rules which we feel to be important for the successful continuation of the site.

Recently I posted a statement on members use of language and behaviour. We recently updated our Terms of Forum Use. One of the amendments was that “no member is allowed to make personal insults with regard to another member OR with respect to fellow members opinions.” The personal abuse directed at Don Jeffreys and David Lifton appals me. In addition to that - throughout a series of threads - there has been constant bickering and infighting among a few members. This behaviour must come to an end.

In addition I have noted that some members have been playing with word structure to avoid using offensive language. That will no longer be tolerated.

We warmly welcome members to this site and encourage debate and discussion. However we have very clearly indicated what - we consider - to be the ground rules to be followed.

It is clear that a few members - and I stress the fact that it is a few members only - are disregarding these conditions of membership. Today I have suspended one member’s posting rights for 72 hours for blatantly disregarding these conditions.

In addition the administration reserves the right to immediately suspend/or delete membership where infringement of these conditions is detected.

There are on the internet many sites that are happy to accept this kind of behaviour occurring on their site. This site is not one of them. The administration does not subscribe to the theory that checking and dealing with this kind of behaviour is also an infringement of freedom of speech.

Therefore if a member suddenly sees their posting privileges removed - or indeed their membership removed - then it will be because that member has deliberately ignored this post.

There will be no warning given. The administration have warned on numerous occasions, I have posted - on the matter in the last few days - so no member can say they were not aware of these basic conditions of membership.


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