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More proof the WC was only trying to nail LHO

Guest Mark Valenti

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Guest Mark Valenti

Robert Bouck of the Protective Research Section was testifying to the Commission about the surveillance and tracking the PRS did. Bouck mentions that he has performed an exhaustive amount of researcher into history's assassinations going back 2000 years. Bouck had several thousand pages of information - attempting to form a predictive data set to better protect the President.

Here is the Commission's chance to learn something. An expert in protection, thousands of pages, and an opportunity to deeply understand assassinations.

McCloy, however, sticks to the agena:

"Mr. McCLOY. The thing to me that seems very worthy of research is the plotter, I mean the political plotter as against, for want of a better word, the loner, the man who is self-motivated against the man who has to have a group around him. How do you tell one from the other? I just was reading last night in Loomis about Madame Corday. She was just as much of a loner as apparently Mr. Oswald was."

McCloy doesn't ask about how assassination conspiracies, plotters, groups, etc. He fixates on one and only one possibility.

And then...

Dulles follows up with an observation of his own:

"Mr. DULLES. You can possibly define categories. You may find the loner, you may find a fellow engaged in a plot with others for political reasons and that would help us very much because we find that particularly the case we are investigating falls into one of these classes."

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