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Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War

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Volume 2 should be ready to go to the publisher sometime over the next 2 or 3 weeks.



highlights include

-more exposing of the Two Oswald con job

-the real basis and background to the False Defector Program and where and how it started

-Who Oswald's recruiter was

-New Orleans connections

-Deep analysis of Oswald's letter to the Socialist Party


FREEDOMLAND: 1949-1959

Highlights include

-The truth behind Hungarian Uprising

-US policy and covert programs against USSR and satellites

-Previously unknown info about a member of the Hyde clan

-Analysis of Oswald's USMC record

-Analysis of the testimonies of John Donovan, Nelson Delgado and Kerry Thornley



-Deep background and analysis of the college and the information Oswald provided on his college application and what it all really reveals

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from vol 2

Sylvia Ludlow Hyde Hoke
It has long been known that Ruth Paine’s older sister, Sylvia Hoke, had worked as a psychologist for the CIA under cover of civilian employment by the US Air Force. It has even been known that Hoke was employed as a Personnel Research Technician in the Placement and Employee Relations Division under the Director of Civilian Personnel. The CIA cover employment seems to have commenced in 1954 and continued on through at least 1956. What is revealed for the first time here is that this assignment brought Hoke to George Washington University working with dedicated teams within HumRRO on the FICON Project.
Excerpt from HumRRO Bibliography of publications showing that Hoke worked on the FICON project
Sigmund Diamond, in his opus, Compromised Campus: The Collaboration of Universities with the Intelligence Community, 1945-55, tells us that HumRRO “functioned as a kind of holding company for several government intelligence and military agencies and engaged in its own research in a number of locations throughout the country, including Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Michigan, Chicago and others…” This explains both the FICON research and Hoke’s presence under Air Force cover in what was ostensibly an Army research facility.
What we see here ultimately is proof that Hoke worked on the precursor program to U2, specifically with regard to selecting and training electronics maintenance personnel just prior to Oswald’s USMC recruitment and training in aviation electronics and placement at a U2 base in Japan.
End of book excerpt
FICON is shown to be a direct descendant of the U2 program here http://www.rb-29.net/html/77ColdWarStory/04.01auaun.htm
Volume One is the only book to crack the Gaitain assassination, give the spooky background to Youth House and reveal new information about Edward Ekdahl

Volume Two is the only book to not just guess about Sylvia Hoke. It is the only book that gives any sort of concrete evidence for a false defector program.
& Volume Three will be the only book not to just guess about who was behind the ambush.
Volumes one and two out now as a combined paperback
Edited by Greg Parker
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