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The story of Stephen Harris Landesberg is one of the strangest in all of JFK assassination literature. Through the years, conspiracy theorists have pointed to Landesberg as an example of Lee Harvey Oswald’s association with someone on the political right. But in a statement to the FBI, Landesberg recanted his allegations about Stephen L’Eandes, Earl Perry and Oswald (inferentially) and admitted that he was L’Eandes and had carried out political activities using that alias.


This article will examine Landesberg’s life and history of mental problems in detail. It will also study the work and methodology of a group of researchers led by John Armstrong as it relates to the Landesberg case. Finally, I will look at Armstrong’s treatment of Landesberg in his 2003 book Harvey and Lee.


Edited by W. Tracy Parnell
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Guest Mark Valenti

The article confirms every claim made against Armstrong's (and his minions) ridiculously gullible approach to research.

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