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(excerpts from 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS,

all persons mentioned here, were still living)

In late August,1963, Guy Gabaldon and I kept an appointment

with former US. Congressman John H. Rousselot, then Western

Director of the John Birch Society at his San Marino,California

office. Gabaldon picked up $10.000 dollars as pre-arranged from

Rousselot. The money was for the Mexico Operation. Some of these

funds were given to Lee Oswald.

When the name of a Fair Play For Cuba Communist

was broadcast throughout the rightist circuit

after the airing of an August,1963 radio program

from station WDSU, New Orleans,Louisiana,Lee Oswald

was "selected" by another of our JBS associates,

retired US, Army General E.A. Walker of Dallas,

Texas. The subject was then chosen by Guy Gabaldon

as the fall-guy in the secretive plot against Kennedy.

None of us objected,and found it humorous to frame a

communist. I quietly considered it as goofy as the

weird , but hazy, arrangements to kill the president...

...Two other of our anti-Castro, anti-communist associates,

Lawrence John "Larry" Howard - AKA Alonzo Ecruido, and

Loran Eugene "skip" Hall - AKA Lorenzo Pacillo, were

dispatched by Gabaldon to enlist Oswald in the CIA (central

Intelligence Agency). In late September,1963, Oswald

accompanied the pair to Gabaldon's office in Mexico City

area. Oswald then received instructions an funds from the

impressive,"but phony CIA officer" Gabaldon. The fate of

both Oswald and Kennedy were there,forever sealed!

The trio later returned to the US.Hall and Howard eventially

to California, and Oswald to Texas were two weeks later,

October 15,1963, he began working at the Texas book depository

building in Dallas.

The poor slob was awaiting further instructions from another

fake CIA contact that, among other details,requested him to

deliver weapons, supposedly to be picked up at his workplace

along with other weapons to be donated and used by anti-Castro


Edited by Harry J.Dean
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