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Democracy Now is a beacon of hope in a dark world! http://www.democracynow.org has been dispassionately telling the story of Fallujah this morning. It is particularly instructive to pupils as it is putting its point across with an American accent. It is also an excellent example of the potential of the internet. As Homer Simpson put it - "Hey Marje, they are using the Internet for things other than porn now!"

The soldiers hired by the richest people in the world and going in with guns blazing against some of the poorest people on this planet. They don't have much but what little they have is to be taken from them.

The first target was the hospitals, one was bombed into oblivion and another occupied because "they have been the source of rumours about civilian casualties."

Many of the soldiers - little more than children themselves - have zero combat experience. One marine sergeant was quoted as estimating 95 percent of the men under his command had no such experience.

I do not believe violence solves anything but if we had been invaded and some pal gave me a rocket launcher and pointed out, "these are the people who are imprisoning and raping our women, torturing our men, killing our children - now they are coming to destroy the town you live in." I might just respond, "how do you fire this thing?" What would you do?


This was murder.Democracy Now

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