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Psychologist Steve Kossor's excellent article: Emotional Memories is now posted on my website. I highly recommend it.

[Author’s note: I’m offering this essay about the practical and psychological roots of the 11/22/63 coup that gave us the government and corporate-intelligence establishment that has continued to exploit and despoil worldwide human and material resources with relentless vigor. I suggest that we have an obligation to future generations to offer advice and potential solutions that may enable them to recover from the institutionalization of corporate and intelligence interests within the American government. I’m offering my suggestions to help find a way out of the climate of fear that has been nurtured in us by those entities. If we don’t move beyond the search for truth in the Kennedy assassination and also do whatever we can to encourage future generations to hope for and work toward a future free of covert NSA, CIA and corporate-intelligence manipulations, we will expire without having accomplished more than documenting the horror that has befallen us. — Steve Kossor]

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