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Interview of me on TV and online Thursday, June 11

Douglas Caddy

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Houston Media Source is sponsoring an interview with me about Watergate and the JFK assassination this Thursday, June 11, from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm Central Time. It can be viewed in Houston on TV or online anywhere in the world. In Houston it can be seen on TV on Comcast 17, At&T U-verse 99, Phonoscope 75, TV Max 95 and Sudden Link 99. Below is a link to view it online.

I plan to discuss what Howard Hunt told me when we had a dinner in Washington in 1975 prior to his entering prison to serve his sentence handed down in Watergate by Judge Sirica. He disclosed at that time why the burglars went into Watergate and why JFK had to be assassinated.

Prior to Watergate Howard had been both a close friend and client. For legal reasons discussed in my Watergate Memoir found elsewhere in this forum, after Watergate broke I saw Howard on only three occasions: when he came to my residence in Washington on June 17, 1972, a short time after the arrests at Watergate to retain my legal services in the case, when I attended the funeral of his wife, Dorothy, after her mysterious death in a plane crash in Chicago in December 1972, and then at the dinner in 1975.

Link to view the program online live:


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