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JFK Assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald Conferences 2015

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Actually Judyth does not quite rule the world - yet at least. I will add the 2015 JFK Lancer conference with information at the link below:


As usual we are cautious about the speakers listed until we have final confirmation, which invitees such as John Newman and Jeff Morley are unable to give until the

end of the summer. Russ Baker did recently commit and others including Bill Simpich, David Talbot, Pat Speer and Alan Dale were already listed. Gary Murr is probable as well,

although we may have to send in a special operations team to get him across the border from Canada.

-- Larry

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Rumor mill: Judyth is working on a third book about her deep friendship with Jack Ruby.

Thanks Vince. Beat me to it.

We now have a conference website:


I have added a forum in which interested parties - whether they attend or not - can jump on and ask questions of of the speakers.

If any Lancer speaker would like to be added, let me know They have a great line-up this year and I'm happy to help promote it.

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Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2015 23:42:37 +0000

For Immediate Release

Contact: Kris Millegan TrineDay Publishers (trineday@icloud.com)

David Denton, professor, Olney Central College (dentond@iecc.edu)

Leading Experts on the JFK Assassination will gather in New Orleans for conference entitled “Oswald's Summer of Secrets: New Orleans and the JFK Assassination” Oct. 16-18

Produced by TrineDay, Conscious Community Events, and the JFK Historical Group

On October 16-18 2015 nationally known researchers and scholars will gather in New Orleans at the Crowne Plaza Hotel-Airport, 2829 Williams Blvd., Kenner, Louisiana for Oswald's Summer of Secrets: New Orleans and the JFK Assassination.

The conference will break new ground in unlocking the mysteries of Lee Harvey Oswald’s activities in New Orleans in the summer of 1963 and explore other topics such as David Ferrie, Dr. Mary Sherman, and the Garrison trial, according to organizer Kris Millegan.

Seating is limited so early registration is encouraged. Contact Kris Millegan (trineday@icloud.com) or David Denton (dentond@iecc.edu) for more information and or go to http://oswaldconference.com.

Presenters include:

•Ed Haslam, author, Dr. Mary’s Monkey;

•Judyth Baker, former girlfriend of Oswald and author, Me and Lee and David Ferrie;

•Ed Tatro, author and consultant to Oliver Stone’s film, JFK; Attended Clay Shaw's trial for one week in 1969.

•Robert Groden, author five best-selling books about the assassination, and the first person to bring the Zapruder film to national TV in 1975;

•Jim Marrs, author of four New York Times Best Selling books including Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy; chief consultant to Oliver Stone on JFK for both the film’s screenplay and production;

•Joan Mellen, biographer Jim Garrison, A Farewell to Justice;

•Patrick Nolan, is a forensic historian and the author of CIA Rogues and the Killing of the Kennedys: How and Why US Agents Conspired to Assassinate JFK and RFK;

•Casey Quinlan, author, Beyond the Fence Line: The Eyewitness Testimony of Ed Hoffman and the Murder of President Kennedy;

•Roger Stone, New York Times bestselling author, The Man Who Killed Kennedy—the Case Against LBJ;

•Daniel Hopsicker, author Barry and “the boys,” The CIA, the Mob and America's Secret History, which chronicles the exploit of famed Louisiana native Barry Seal, his ties to the drug trade and the Kennedy assassination;

•St. John Hunt, son of infamous CIA agent E. Howard Hunt, who stated that he was a benchwarmer during the JFK assassination; author, Bond of Secrecy.

For more information go to http://oswaldconference.com.

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The Lancer Conference looks pretty fine to me and I think, considering the logistical problems, the ROKC one looks good. (BTW, Petrer Morris is a valuable asset who does very good work on the ballistics.)

As per New Orleans, that is a shame. Its such an important venue and subject. And there was so much disclosed in the new files about what really happened there.

But why associate yourself with Baker?

Edited by James DiEugenio
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Produced by TrineDay, Conscious Community Events, and the JFK Historical Group

Trineday - will publish any old crap so long as it sticks it to the government in some fashion.

Conscious Community Events - Into UFOs and metaphysics? This is the group for you.

JFK Historical Group is less visible than Oswald's FPCC chapter. Beware of official sounding organizations that exist in only in a PO Box.


Promoting this is par for the course for Caddy.

I believe the ROKC conference has the right balance between "old" and "new" guard on the speakers list. In fact, some of the finest from both.


There are no tin-foil hats. There ARE professionals in history, law and criminal investigation. There will be information on lobbying and FOIA. There will be some light-hearted moments. There will be music. Displays. There will be new information and research presented.

I ask all Australians and New Zealanders with an interest in the case to get behind us and come along. Success this year means we'll be back bigger and better next year.

And if you'd like to be put down as a volunteer (unlikely you'll actually be needed - but you never know), use code FVROKCGP when buying ticket for a 20% discount through https://www.stickytickets.com.au/23214/reopen_kennedy_case_conference.aspx

If you can't make it, but would like to help us defray expenses, there is also a donate button through the ticketing link above.

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Quoting from above: "Promoting this is par for the course for Caddy."

I am not promoting the conference. I am merely posting information about it on the forum. I have never met Judyth Baker or corresponded with her. A few persons have biased and pre-disposed ideas about what can and cannot be posted on the forum. As I have said here many times in the past, I primarily make postings for informational purposes, leaving it up to the reader to evaluate. Some of my postings may not even reflect what I personally believe but having knowledge of their content may still have value. A minute minority apparently would prefer not to even be aware that there will be an Oswald Conference in New Orleans next month so that they can continue to live in their own self-contained bubble, unaware of the reality of events take place in society today. Such a head-in-the-sand position is to be pitied.

Edited by Douglas Caddy
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Jesse Ventura's Foreword for Judyth Vary Baker's new book, David Ferrie:


In Homer’s The Odyssey, it takes Ulysses ten years to find his way home from the Trojan War. In this epic journey he encounters storms, sorceresses, sirens, monsters, cannibals, and even descends into Hades to consult the spirits of the dead. Eventually, he is reunited with his true love, Penelope, and regains his kingdom of Ithaca.
No such closure has been achieved in the fifty years and counting since the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Despite tireless efforts by modern heroes – who dare to reveal the truth – and others, the murderous monsters, the sorcerers of deception, the sirens of spin, and cannibals of history have kept us in a sea of confusion and mutual doubt. This storm of controversy has made certain that the shore of truth always remains just out of reach. And the tide of time washes away the interest of the great majority.
Still, our modern Ulysses’ persevere.
One of them, possibly the bravest, is Judyth Vary Baker. When I served as a Navy Seal our missions were dangerous but straightforward. Take out the enemy, rescue the princess, and go home. But people like Judy must combat a far more elusive and influential foe. She has taken on the weight of official history and suffered the consequences for such daring folly.
I read her first book, Me and Lee, with a healthy amount of initial doubt. Here was a woman claiming to have been Lee Oswald’s friend and lover in the six months leading up to JFK’s murder, four decades and more after the event. But as the story unfolded and she brought forth facts and documents to back up her claims, I was forced to conclude that this was no charlatan or madwoman hoping to cash in on some Anastasia-like fantasy. To date, none of the conspiracy deniers have been able to disprove her assertions. And believe me, they have tried.
This new book strikes me as a perfect companion to the first. Like Ulysses, Ms. Baker has descended into Hades, and exhumed the spirit of David Ferrie, a man who was privy to the machinations of those who perpetrated our democracy’s demise. Unlike other contemporary writers, she knew the man personally, in all his brilliance, eccentricity, decadence and deceit. She experienced his great loyalty along with the pain engendered by his chronic physical suffering and spiritual torment. I respect the man now as a patriotic American who was caught in the inferno of Cold War politics.
Most people know Ferrie only from the character sketched out admirably by Joe Pesci in JFK. For those who would dig deeper into this man’s fascinating life, and his role in the events leading to what happened in November 1963, Baker’s book is the place to go.
I congratulate Kris Millegan and his crew at TrineDay for another courageous stab at the windmill of mass-media indifference. On, to Ithaca!
Jesse Ventura
September 9, 2014

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Kris Millegan of TrineDay publishers announced on Facebook today:

Peter Dale Scott, a former Canadian diplomat and Professor of English at the University of California, Berkeley, is a poet, writer, researcher, and anti-war activist. His political books include Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (1993), The Road to 9/11 (2007), The American Deep,State (2014), and Dallas ’63 (2015).. His website is http://www.peterdalescott.net, and his Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/peter.d.scott.9.

Peter will give the keynote speech at our Dallas JFK conference on Friday November 20,and will be on a panel on November 22.

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