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JFK Assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald Conferences 2015

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BTW, I am reading Talbot's book a second time.

There is so much in there, you cannot absorb it in one reading.

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Thanks Jim, and yes Tannenbaum will be there in person. He is very much involved with the Parkland Doctors movie and is coming along with its producer and some of the

Parkland Doctors. Some clips of interviews done from the movie will be shown. We hope to have several of the Doctors there; Debra and Lancer helped fund raise

for the final production cost of the movie we are hopeful we can help get some launch press for it. Ian Griggs will also be speaking about his long awaited book detailing his

decades long study of the DPD, - looks like that will finally make it to print and will be invaluable as background on DPD personnel.

I'm looking forward to Frazier but also to Mancuso given that many of us have been into the Rose Cherimie story for so long...it appears that he was indeed the toddler left

behind in Dallas, further validating that part of her story in regard to the drug smuggling thing out of Houston.

I wish I could have done Skype to the ROKC too but I had to tell Greg it looked too problematic with being in Dallas - wish you could have made it down there this year.

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I attended the JFK Assassination Conference in Dallas Saturday, which was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Downtown within walking distance of Dealey Plaza. A highlight was seeing again friend Roger Stone, one of the speakers, our having working together in politics 40 years ago in Washington, D.C. Other outstanding speakers gave fascinating presentations. But what struck me the most was the dreary atmosphere of Dallas itself. It seemed to me that it has never shaken off the tragedy of the assassination of President Kennedy in which some of its city leaders and prominent citizens played various key roles. The odor of death appears to permeate Dallas even today. I was pleased to be return to Houston, with its many modern gleaming glass buildings and lively atmosphere, after the dreariness of its sister city in North Texas.

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