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What is the European Virtual School?

Richard Jones-Nerzic

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The Virtual School is “made for European teachers by European teachers”, and is a virtual meeting place for teachers to discuss and exchange material and experience.

It is a learning resource, featuring online events, activities, selected sites and online course modules. Use the Virtual School to add a European flavour to school life!

The Virtual School is open to ideas, and encourages cooperation and contributions from the educational community all over Europe.

The Virtual School is part of the European Schoolnet, and encourages collaboration between schools in Europe. We support the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in schools, to make cooperation between schools in Europe easier.

At the Virtual School, you can find the pan-European content and contacts you need to get involved in international education activities and projects.

The Virtual School does not compete with national websites or resource centres, but instead aims to complement them.

There are 20 subject-related departments with an editorial staff of more than 100 teachers, heads, teacher-trainers and researchers from 17 countries all over Europe. These editors, together with visitors to the website, form an active and lively learning community.

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The Biology Deparment is a relatively young Department. It is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Huub Schoot from the Netherlands is the head of department. There are four team members in the department. Rik Palmans from Belgium, David Faure from France (International School), Nick Hoebe from the Netherlands and Josep M.Llort Planchadell from Catalunia .

What we are looking for is information for European Biology Teachers with some EAV.

EAV is European Added Value.

Some topics on the website of the Department are:

The Famous European Biologist's site.

The Plague in Europe.

The European Biology Curriculum items

The Spring (flower) project.

Plans are:

A European Biology Teachers Newsletter;

Places for Biology Teachers to go to;

(for yourself or with your students. With teacher's experience: no travelguide info.)

The Olympics

We having a lot of ideas for the future. If you are interested you can join the community or - with a project contribution- as a network member.

We are searching for the different biology curricula in Europe (in English). They are hard to find or integrated with physics and chemistry.

Make a visit the European Virtual School!


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