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Donations Sought To Continue The Education Forum

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As you may know, The Education Forum's founding ownership decided a bit over a year ago to discontinue their support of the forum. A group of individuals banded together to continue The Education Forum, and with the help of donations from many of the members, we have been able to keep this resource available.

At this time, the need has arisen to ask you, the members, to help once again with any donations you might be able to provide. There is a pinned post above that tells how you may contribute to the continuing availability of The Education Forum.

Without your posts, the Education Forum would cease to exist. But at this time we also need your continued financial contributions as well. We thank you for all you have done in the post to continue The Education Forum, and we greatly appreciate all you can do currently as well.

I hesitate to use the word "urgent," but the sooner you act, the sooner the future of The Education Forum can be secured in the near term.

Once again, thank you for all you've done in the past, and if you haven't donated in the past, I would urge you to please do so at this time. If you consider The Education Forum and its archived discussions to be an asset, please dig as deeply as circumstances will allow to help us keep this asset available and viable.

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My intention is to keep this post near the top of the list without pinning it, because I realize that many of the members here come in and look at the NEW or UPDATED posts, yet basically ignore the pinned posts [i'm as guilty of that as anyone here].

As I understand it, the costs for keeping this site where it is run around $1500 a year, or $125 a month. If 150 members would simply donate $10 a year, the future of The Education Forum can become relatively secure. Is this forum worth $10 a year to YOU? If so, your donation would be greatly appreciated. If you would care to [and are able to] contribute a greater amount, it would go a long way towards securing the long-term future of The Education Forum. At the current costs, even 15 benefactors donating $100 a year would keep The Education Forum securely operational.

ALL donations will be used EXCLUSIVE towards the operating expenses of The Education Forum. This is NOT a profit-seeking venture.

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I'm able and willing to make a small contribution.

I tried to do so a year or so ago and was frustrated by the laborious process of donating.

I want to make a contribution now.

Is the process of contributing easy?

Note for James Gordon: Americans have been schooled to expect it's easy to carry out their wishes.

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The fist donation system was a little complicated when first set up.

The system was changed and I believe is now easy to follow. Indeed we created a series of images to make it easier to follow.

A number of fellow members have been able to successfully follow the instructions.

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I have just contacted Paypal and both methods ought to have worked.

For Paypal the procedure is as follows.

1) Log into your Paypal account.

2) Click on Send and Request

3) Click sending money to friends and family.

4) Type in the EF email address:-


5) Choose your amount and send.

If you follow that sequence it ought to work.

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To Forum Members,

The administrators would like to thank those members who have so generously donated already.

Your contributions are very much appreciated.

These contributions will go a long way to ensuring the continued viability of this much valued forum.

James Gordon

on behalf of the administrators.

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