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Bob Woodward's New Book: "The Last of the President's Men"

Douglas Caddy

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Woodward’s new book: “The Last of the President’s Men”

Washington Post
September 10, 2015
The Daily 202
By James Hohmann



Alexander Butterfield, the Richard Nixon aide who publicly revealed the existence of the secret taping system that eventually helped force the president’s resignation, never turned over thousands of documents from his time in the administration to the National Archives.

Bob Woodward got access to all of them, and he interviewed Butterfield for 46 hours. “The Last of the President’s Men,” Woodward’s 18th book, will be published Oct. 13. It includes 75 pages of original documents from the trove.

“These are the last pieces of the Nixon puzzle,” the Washington Post associate editor tells Carlos Lozada, the paper’s nonfiction book critic. “Butterfield was the consummate gray man, in the background but potent.”

As questions about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of a homebrew email server at the State Department continue to swirl, the new book – coming more than four decades after Nixon’s resignation – is a potent reminder that fresh information can come to light long after

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