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Question about my website

Wim Dankbaar

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This is very curious.

Especially since they are all in a mathematical tie, exactly the same number of hits. They may be some sort of virus where they piggyback thru your system

to spam others, although I don't know too much about that process.

And the Websites themselves! Off shore banks and Italian Hotels?


your friend SHANET

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Following server's on your list are on the same network or share the same ip:




9) same as #6


8) same as #7

They are all registered through:

Go Daddy Software, Inc.

All Server's except #7 are registered at Go Daddy by:

Domains by Proxy, Inc.

#7 is registered at Go Daddy by:

Dario Muriel


The whole addresses of the registrants, I won't post here.

As server #7 and #8 do share the same ip address (virtual hosting), registrant

of server #7 is most probably affiliated to the registrant of all the other servers.

What's behind it all, well I can't say, everything possible from virus, spam to any other automated process.

Don't think they tried to bring your server down by a denial of access or any other

flooding attack, for that the amount of hits was too small.

I think it is nothing sinister in a way you might have suspected, but you can

of course ask your administrator to block those ip addresses from accessing

your server.

Wim, I will send you the mail addresses in privat if you need them.

Edited by Dave Weaver
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A long time ago that happened to me.

Check your billing information. I had a bill of one month to amount to $500.00 that was on my account because of this. AOL helped me get ride of that type of virus. Took them a while before they made my bill to what it should have been.

Although mine was emails being mailed from computer that I didn't do. I am not sure if this is the same thing, tough. Just take a look at your account and keep an eye on it.

Edited by Nancy Eldreth
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