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Three views on the "other film" of the JFK assassination

Douglas Caddy

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Greg Burnham on The Other Film Of The JFK Assassination

Published on May 22, 2014

Rich Dellarosa: The Other Zapruder Film - Black Op Radio 2-26-09

Published May 20, 2013


The "Other" Zapruder Film

Jim Marrs interviews William Reymond

Uploaded October 3, 2010

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Thanks for putting these together, Doug. There are other respected researchers who have seen this film also. I have no doubt about its existence. Amazing that it has remained underground in today's digital world where most people will do anything for a buck.... That certainly speaks to its significance.

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A while back, while listening to Doug Horne explain the travels of Zapruder film, I was trying to get my head around how an unslit 8mm got to Dino Brugioni when all indications were that the Zapruder film left Dallas slit. The next night Homer McMahon's crew worked with the extant Zapruder film making boards that are the ones the ARRB recovered and are now in the Nat'l Archives.

It occurred to me while listening to Greg Burnham's description that the "other film" could be what Dino Brugioni described seeing and working on for his briefing board event. This would make more sense than having two sets of boards made for both the unedited Zapruder and edited versions and would have given the conspirators more time to create the Zapruder edits.

Here is Dino describing the film he saw (starts at 28:00 minute mark):

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