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What Was His Perspective?

Jon G. Tidd

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Perspective is everything. One's perspective determines the course of one's own and others' lives. It serves both to filter information and to infuse information with meaning.

JFK, I've been assured many times here and elsewhere, had a perspective that filtered for the peaceful solution to world problems.

Nixon and Allen Dulles, I've been assured many times here and elsewhere, were cynical and self-serving. Their perspectives were constrained and perverted, in other words.

I don't know about Oswald's perspective. How can I when I don't know for sure whether he was a real or a pretend Marxist? Whether he was capable of love or not? Whether he found comfort from inflicting violence or not?

I believe all the individuals I've mentioned here were far more complex than I've suggested. Perspective is not a single

-value concept. It's a human's outlook and has different dimensions.

Nixon and Dulles, I believe, have been criticized far more than examined dispassionately. I believe, for example, that Nixon was both capable of love and incapable of compassion in certain circumstances.

I'm interested in what readers here think about the perspectives of the cast of characters in the JFK assassination.

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