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New Orleans footprints in the JFK assassination

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"The trial began in January 1969. Garrison’s prosecutors produced witnesses and for the first time in a public setting, the famous Zapruder film of the assassination showing Kennedy’s head moving violently leftward and backward after being struck, convincing many courtroom observers, including the jurors, that a conspiracy indeed existed"

Allow me to continue the article:

It would be about 25 years later that advances in:

( A ) Science: the invention of the Finite Element Method and Computational Fluid Dynamics


( B ) Technology: Faster, cheaper, raw computing power -plus software applications- available to the masses.

would make it feasible to determine with certainty that it is impossible for the fatal shot to have come from behind.

The above lag was arguably inevitable. Tragically, however, it would take some 20 years more (and counting) for universities to abandon their long-held position: being complicit with their silence.


ps: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=22348

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