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Folks, please take a look at the latest production of my trusted team of animators:


What you see above is the first step toward obliterating the official version, depicted below:


Look closely: the head does not move 1 cm. This has been demonstrated empirically by the other side, of all people. The supreme irony.

One strong possibility is that for a tangential shot it is physically impossible to make an adult airborne. The violent move (seen not only in the Z-film) is a mathematical absurdity. The argument I am attempting is known as reductio ad absurdum.

This hypothesis needs to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, correct?.

Thank God, we have science and technology on our side. They are closer to us with every passing month and year.

Indeed, we need to go from animation to simulation.

What is the difference, you ask?

Answer: Several zeros to the right of the dollar sign, not to mention brainpower and the participation of universities.


Edited by Ramon F. Herrera
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