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3D model shows photo of Oswald with rifle is not a fake

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Here's another article about the Dartmouth study. It is dated October 15, 2015.


Dartmouth Professor Finds That Iconic Oswald Photo Was Not Faked

I have no problem accepting the authenticity of that photo. Didn't Marina herself say that she took it? Didn't Lee himself dedicate it to the Baron? ("Hunter of fascists")?

In fact, that could have been the role of De Mohrenschildt: babysit Lee, wine him and dine him, make him feel important, the center of attention among blue blood types, "persuade" him to order a rifle, and the disappear to Haiti.

Then again, I saw another study from England where the 2 faces were identical, pixel by pixel, from 2 different photos.

Maybe one photo was legitimate and the other fake?

Frankly, I rather concentrate in solvable problems, such as determining with mathematical precision the origin of the fatal shot. This has become possible in recent years.

Why don't those universities dedicate some of their attention to the Physics of the Fatal Shot?

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Farid told me,several years ago, that in the original study, he only looked at one photo. How he could tell from one photo that the shadows were kosher eludes me.

The better question is:

We: "Prof. Farid, we need see your files. Every single one of them"

We: "Why, you say?"

We: "Because they do not belong to Dartmouth, they do not belong to you. They belong to The People."

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This is an excellent opportunity to announce a new project born out of The Education Forum:

We are starting modestly:


As always, all are welcome to participate. For the non-technical, who have an excellent command of the English language: we are going to need a letter to:

- Dartmouth College

- Its Department of Computer Science

- Professor Henry Farid.

It should say -politely, of course:

Show Me The Files !!!

You can end it with:

"Your server, or mine?"


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So much for the scientific method of analysis.

If he can't even correctly line up the model - how accurate can the results be?

and he claims to have use this image as the basis for the model?

We don't need to question results until the experiment can be shown to have been set up correctly in the first place.

It obviously hasn't.


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