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New book "Disciples" about Allen Dulles, William Casey, William Colby and Richard Helms

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The War That Made the CIA
Review by Alexander Rose
Oct. 23, 2015
The Wall Street Journal


Review of the new book “Disciples” by Douglas Waller

From the review:

Several years ago Douglas Waller wrote a superb biography of “Wild Bill” Donovan, legendary head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – the precursor to the CIA during World War II…

Now he has written a sequel to include four of Donovan’s “Disciples”-- each of whom would eventually run the CIA. I’ll get to them in a minute but let me say that “Disciples” is a fantastic book, one of the very finest accounts of spookery I’ve seen…

Mr. Waller’s quartet are Allen Dulles, William Casey, William Colby and Richard Helms. They were four very different men, but they were all one-man dogs when it came to their unstinting loyalty to Donovan…..

That all of the Disciples would come to grief in the postwar years – Dulles for the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Colby for revealing CIA malfeasances, Helms for misleading Congress for operations in Chile, and Casey for Iran-Contra – should not detract from their amazing adventures in the spy trade during the glory years of the OSS. With this wonderful book, Mr. Waller had done them signal service by bringing their stories to wider public attention.


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