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Comenius Newsletter 29

Brigitte Parry

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“Team Up and Meet in Europe”



Comenius teams represent the leading edge of European commitment in education. Teachers travel, meet and build long term projects. It seems natural and relevant to see many Comenius schools register to Spring Day in Europe 2004. 2004 is the historic year of the fifth and largest enlargement of the European Union. Register and take part in this event which is actively implemented by European Schoolnet and supported by the European Commission, the European Parliament and Ministries of Education. Like last year, we have a team of 30 pedagogical coordinators from 28 countries who can answer your questions in 23 languages.

Spring Day 2004 web site


Pedagogical team:



Comenius 2 Course, CLICK

CLICK stands for Culture, Language, Innovation, Cooperation, Knowledge

The course will take place under the auspices of Navan Education Centre in Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland, from 19th to 26th September, 2004

Details of the course are given via the Comenius Database at:


The team welcomes applications from every sector of education and from all countries including especially the ‘new’ countries about to enter into membership of the European Union in May 2004. Course participants will receive high quality course materials including classroom packs which have been developed with the collaboration of the teachers from more than 20 European countries who attended their previous courses.

Comenius 2.2 Course, Pedagogical Innovation

The course will take place in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

20. - 26. September 2004

Each participant will have his/her own working space (eJournal) which he/she will use for saving and publishing eLearning materials during the course.

Depending on the subject and theme, the participants will produce e-Learning contents for their own students. This takes place during workshop sessions. Teachers can also work together and easily share the common contents created during the course. During the following school year participants will be able to use their contents in their own schools.

More information at


COMP@CT Network Thematic Conference and Contact Seminar

Barcelona from 20 to 22 May 2004.

COMP@CT Thematic Conference:

The conference offers a versatile insight on how different medias can be used in educational collaboration and opportunities to set up contacts with experienced teachers and projects.

The main target group of the Thematic Conference is teachers and in addition teacher trainers, inspectors, and representatives of resource centres and national agencies.

COMP@CT Contact Seminar:

The target group of Contact Seminar is teachers interested in starting a Comenius project involving the integration of ICT. During the event teachers will learn on concrete level how to use different media in classroom practice and plan their future projects. Participants of the contact seminar will participate in some sessions of the Thematic Conference.

More information on both events:



Difficulties to Find Partners, Spain

Carmen Domènech works in a lower secondary school and a catering school, she has tremendous problems finding Comenius partners for a project on cultural integration. They had partners in Lithuania and Bulgaria, but the Bulgarian partner dropped out for financial reasons. She urgently needs two schools to be able to carry on with her project.

Urgent Request, Open Theme, Italy

“We are a mixed professional-commercial secondary school in Napoli-Italy. We are now doing our 4th Comenius 1 project, but we would like to also repeat the excellent experience of our only Comenius 1.2 language project. We are looking for a partner from northern Europe (Holland, Belgium, but also Germany), though a partner from France, Luxembourg or Spain would be quite nice, too. The theme is open, as there are many possibilities, depending on the profiles of the partners. All our students study English or French, and some also study Spanish.

Time is quite short, however, as our deadline for applying is January 31st, 2004.”

Comenius 1, Napoleon’s Russian Campaign, Belgium

1812-1814: Napoleon’s great army was composed of soldiers from many European countries and went through the city of Vilnius. European history, biology, archeology and cultures are the main themes of this project.

This project started a year ago but ended abruptly when one of the partners had to drop out. To carry on with the work, this teacher urgently needs partners in Vilnius (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), possibly also in Spain and Hungary.

Comenius 1 and 2 Partners Wanted, Turkey

We are enthusiastic and highly motivated in developing and participating in Comenius School Collaboration and Language Projects with other countries. We are interested in participating in co-operation projects with our students in addition to the development of in-service training courses for our teachers. We also look forward to taking part in the development of pedagogical material for school education.

In accordance with our mission to provide cross-cultural opportunities for our students, our teachers can lead or take part in projects to develop teacher training courses or materials.

Comenius 1, Democracy in Education, Poland

This project would be for children aged 7 to 13 and be organised around a comparison of books for children in the ways they deal with European values.

Comenius 1.1 Music and Languages, Germany

This teacher is eager to live European experiences with peers and she would like to find partners to discuss and find a good topic.

Comenius 1.2 Language Project, Portugal

Maria Manuela works in a secondary school in Portugal, 5 km from the well known city of Porto. She would like to find a school to work with on a Language Project. Her school has already collaborated with Italy and Romania, so they are looking for partners from other countries.

Comenius 1.2 Language project, Slovakia

We are looking for a school with students of 13-15 years of age. Our school, ZS Uzhorodska 39, Kosice (the second biggest city in Slovakia), specialises in Information Technology, languages, music and dance and there also are football classes. The IT rooms are very well equipped. We are able to digitalize sound, video, carry out video-conferences, etc. The theme of the project could be either history of the country, folk customs, or geography, biology, chemistry (water issues), story writing, etc.„

Comenius 1.2 Language Project, Cyprus

Periferiako Gymnasio Livadion is situated on the south-eastern coast of the island, near Larnaca. The pupils are 12 to 15 years old.

The school is also participating in a programme called 'Ecological schools'.

The pupils are taught French at school and the aim is to develop their skills in French and to motivate them to continue learning French.

The team would like to find partners to work on topics related to architecture and history.

Comenius 1.2 History in our life, Poland

A secondary school in Wola Filipowska - a small village near Cracow , Poland, is looking for partners anywhere in Europe to work on the impact of history in our life.

The teacher would like to motivate her 15-15 year old pupils and make them to learn more effectively use English for communication.

School development, Romania

This teacher is looking for partners for a School Development project for 2004-2007. The languages used will be English and French.

The main theme is the exchange of good practices in career counceling and actions to take in favour of groups in danger of social and cultural exclusion.

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