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Research in Progress: Online Seminars

John Simkin

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As you know, I am organizing a series of Online Seminars between the 21st and 27th November.


John Geraghty has suggested that this should become a regular feature of the forum. I agree and suggest this format.

Members decide that they want to carry out research into a particular area of the assassination. They should start a new thread that includes the words "Research in Progress". You could then use this thread to present information that you have found. Other members could comment on it and provide information that they have on this topic. In this way, the final paper could be developed organically. This would be a good example of using “community intelligence” to obtain the truth.

Email me when you have finished the paper. I will then arrange for it to appear in our next session of seminars. Depending on how many we receive, this could take place every 3 or 6 months.

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