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Gayle Nix Jackson (NIX) frames

Robin Unger

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Gayle Nix Jackson (NIX) frames Part 2

Here is the 45MB Zip file containing the “aftermath” Nix frames

showing the spectators running towards the grassy knoll.



Going from memory here, but I just noticed the guy wearing the black hat. Could he be the same long-legged guy walking up the steps two at a time a few seconds later (whom some "researchers" have thought was James Jesus Angleton)? If memory serves, that guy was wearing a hat like that.

Which car would that blue one have been in the motorcade's sequence?

Also note the car behind the fence.

--Tommy :sun

PS Thank you, Gayle.

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These frames are not from the camera-original Nix film. The original film has been missing since at least 1978, if not before then, and its current whereabouts are unknown.


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I can tell you that the frames are from a very early copy of the film, but - without suggesting for one moment that the original was tampered with in any way - obviously one cannot be absolutely certain of exactly what is on the camera-original film if it is not available. The search for the camera-original film is being pursued on an on-going basis, and I hope it will someday be possible to find and return it to Gayle and her family.

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So, Chris. Is the exercise here a building constructed on a weak foundation?

Take the frames or leave them Jon makes no difference to me.

There is NO exercise, and nobody is making any claims regarding the frames provided.

The original Nix Film is missing, these frames were provided to Gayle by the sixth floor museum, and Gayle has posted on Facebook

that they are from a FIRST GENERATION copy


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Does Gayle Nix Jackson believe the frames posted here are genuine camera originals?

I ask because I've thought some government agency got its hands on the Nix film shortly after the assassination.


You obviously have NOT done any research regarding the NIX Film

It is common knowledge that the original Nix film is missing, and that there are NO frames available from the ORIGINAL film

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