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Markets not falling after Paris Attacks

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I am glad the markets did not fall after the Paris attacks, but can't help thinking that the markets were prevented from falling, in order not to allow those who may have known about the attacks in advance, profit by shorting the markets.

Swift action by France, in the wake of the attacks, targeted the oil fields controlled by the Radical Muslim Extremists, who, as it was reported, make a whopping million dollars a day in the black market selling oil.

This scum has money to spread it's evil, and stopping money getting into their hands needs to be a priority.

Any thoughts about my theory that the stock markets were propped up today? There are, plenty of reasons, as you may well know for the markets to crash, yet they do not.


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December 15 Crude Oil ( CLZ15.NYM ) DOWN to 40.73

DOWN since Paris Attacks ( usually these scum's attacks cause markets to react - stock markets go DOWN and commodities like oil go UP )


Crude Oil Dec 15 (CLZ15.NYM)


39.39 down_r.gif-1.15(2.84%) NY Mercantile - As of 2:29PM EST
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Right now, let’s talk about Friday’s 369.96-point jump in the Dow Jones industrial average. Other major indices also had sharp gains.

And that is really odd — especially when stocks were headed in the exact opposite direction immediately after the November jobs number was released at 8:30 a.m.

A retreat in stocks would have been a logical move. The stock market is in a bubble because unattractive interest rates have forced investors into the stock market even if they normally wouldn’t be able to stomach the risk.

Once rates return to more normal levels the flow of assets should reverse — out of stocks and into things like bonds, certificates of deposit and money market funds.

But as has happened lots of times before, someone came to the stock market’s rescue.

I know, I know. This sounds like a conspiracy theory — and that’s exactly what it is.

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