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The West heading for major land war in heartland of Middle East in 2016

Douglas Caddy

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From the blog: In prompt and devastating response to the Paris attacks, French jets plastered the DAIISH capital of Raqqa in conquered territories once belonging to Syria. The ISIS Jihad welcomes all of this. These death worshippers “want” to draw NATO and the United States onto the ground in their Islamic prophetic vision of the Final Battle of Islamic Armageddon to be waged in the ruins of ravaged Syria. It would seem that history is blind man bluffing its way towards a destiny foreseen by Nostradamus, The War of the Third Antichrist. It begins in earnest next year—2016. It’s an odd turnabout foreseen, that an asymmetric war of terrorism might climax looking more like a conventional war fought by nation states with Islamic State....

Just as we go to press, French President Hollande is in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia and France will now share intelligence and information coordinating their naval and air strikes against DAIISH-ISIS. This is a major step towards establishing the Grand Alliance Putin had proposed in October and I predicted back on my Armistice Day article (11 November 2015) was the next step. We are heading for a major land war in the heartland of the Middle East in 2016!


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If they were really serious, they'd team up the SF with the intel people and give them the green light to take out whoever was required to take ISIS down.

There'd be no headlines, no media releases, no big airstrikes, etc. There'd just be people disappearing and slowly ISIS would be a leaderless, uncoordinated, impotent and frightened bunch of idiots.

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