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Oliver Stone: JFK conspiracy deniers are in denial

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Great article Douglas.

I have grown tired of those bashing Stone and his movie.

The fact is, the assassination, as portrayed in his film, is far closer to the truth than the nonsense that we are supposed to believe. This being said, artistic license is involved here , and every detail of the film does not need to be accurate in order to make the many the truth.

Take the very beginning of the film, for example Rose Cheramie is portayed as someone who predicts the assassination. I spent a lot of time reading the research on Cheramie and came to the conclusion that she had every reason to believe Kennedy would be killed.

A very accurate beginning of Stone's film. This is just one example of how well the film was made.

Just re-read Jim DiEugenio's article in Probe and it provides a great synopsis of the Cheramie matter. Thanks Jim.

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