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Hillary Clinton vs JFK: Why the case is relevant today

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Dr. Jeffrey Sachs almost gets it:


I think this is as far as the mods at Huffpo--the new MSM-would let him go.

Here is the rest of the story, that they would not let him post even if he tried:


I take no credit for this. I refer to the two men who uncovered this story, Stanford professor Robert Rakove and Georgetown professor Phil Muehlenbeck.

I was just probably the only person in this community to read and review both books.

The JFK case is incredibly relevant today. It was the reversal of his policies in the Middle East, and the handiwork of one of the guys who covered up how he died--John McCloy--that essentially caused the mess we have there today.

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Great article Jim.

Kennedy's legacy includes not listening to the military and attacking Cuba, thus starting a nuclear war.

And having the foresight regarding Algeria.

Every time I think about what the CIA did in Iran in 1953, I can't think how different the world could be today.

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Thanks Peter and I agree wholeheartedly.

Really, the coup against Mossadegh had really immense ramifications internationally.

And historically.

Kennedy was trying to amend things there with his alliance with Nasser.

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