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Lee Harvey Oswald in Miami?

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Lee was not in Dallas, New Orleans or Mexico, he was gone for a few weeks, and reappeared in Dallas on or just before January 10th 1963. We know he was in Dallas at this time, by the date of the postcard sent to his brother. He also admits to being [out-of-town]. The FBI completely dropped the ball and stopped reporting on him while Lee was in Miami. The reason may be because of a plot to assassinate the president in Miami would have certainly revealed the anti-Castro's involvement. From December 28, 1962 to January 10th 1963 there is this two week window that no one seems to know anything about. The trip he took to Miami, must have been with someone he knew or by plane, he certainly would not have had enough time to visit Mexico or Miami by bus with so many stops along the way, and then, to be back in time to send his brother a postcard.

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