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Saint John Hunt to be on coasttocoastam Saturday night, 12/5/2015

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We don't know what is any man's mind, what he is thinking. So it is impossible to say what Hunt was thinking as death neared.

My conjecture is that he still feared for the lives of the woman whom he had married a decade earlier and for the lives of his four children from his first marriage to Dorothy if he told everything he knew. He likely had received a specific threat about this. If you viewed my recent interview on darkjournalist.com as to why I have come to believe JFK had to be assassinated, then Hunt likely felt that implications of disclosure were so momentous and world shaking that it was not for him to do. It would be appropriate for someone else or some entity to do.

As to misstatements by St. John in his radio interview, it is difficult in a live interview being broadcast to the public to be precise all the time. The mind of the person being interviewed is racing ahead of the words spoken. Also, I thought that the interviewer did a poor job because on at least half a dozen instances he started asking another question or making a comment while St. John was still speaking. This undoubtedly threw St. John off course somewhat, as it would anyone.

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"As to misstatements by St. John in his radio interview, it is difficult in a live interview being broadcast to the public to be precise all the time. The mind of the person being interviewed is racing ahead of the words spoken. Also, I thought that the interviewer did a poor job because on at least half a dozen instances he started asking another question or making a comment while St. John was still speaking. This undoubtedly threw St. John off course somewhat, as it would anyone."

Right, and Ronni Moffitt - whose husband also worked for Letelier and was the only survivor of the car bombing - was Allende/Letelier's girlfriend. I know guys with one foot on a bar rail who work in the same vein.

One is known by the company one keeps. The first part of the show concerned time travel.

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It was about time travel and John Lennon and I found the interview really interesting because the author of the novel was articulate and forthcoming although he was only in his early twenties age-wise. Didn't Stephen King employ time travel in one of his books being made in a movie?

The interviewer never interrupted the author in his answers in contrast to what he did with St. John.


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the day that Lennon was killed was a Cuban-American member of the CIA assassination team, Operation 40. St. John expressed shock upon hearing this and one got the impression that he immediately thought Lennon had been marked for death because of he was a famous outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War.

Everyone already knows that Sam Jenis was Frank Sturgis' handler in Op40. But, it had nothing to do with Vietnam War, and Watergate had absolutely nothing to do with Vietnam either. Douglas, you were acting attorney at Watergate, didn't Hunt ever tell you why Watergate [had to happen], didn't you ever get a chance to talk to Howard Liebengood? Didn't Liebengood ever play any of the tapes he was given by my father? There are so many contradictory statements as to why Watergate happened. Some say, the reason for Watergate is because they wanted to prove a call girl ring, and that these Democrats were hiring these call girls. Liddy couldn't have come up with such a stupid story all on his own, but then again, I wouldn't put it past him. What's even more stupid, are the folks who believed it.

Then there's, the reason for Watergate was to find the photos that connected us Kennedy's assassination, that's even more stupid than the first, because when Frank came out with that story in May 1977, my father was killed in February 1977. Just three months after Frank came out with that story, but what folks don't realize is that Frank, although was shoveling xxxx for folks to swallow, and he [Frank] knew no one would believe him, is because Frank knew those photos weren't at the Watergate building, they were in my father's possession. He had these photo's before he was killed.

But, my all time personal favorite is, the reason we broke into the Watergate Hotel was to prove Fidel Castro was providing funding to the Democratic party. More crap, I wonder if anyone here even knew that Jack Anderson knew all about Watergate before Watergate happened. Like Sturgis said, they just got greedy.

In closing, I can tell you that Watergate had absolutely nothing to do with any of the above, even Elias Chajet who knew Bernard Barker for ten years prior to Watergate knew what Watergate was about, and why it had to happen. It was my father who introduced Chajet to Sturgis. They'd all meet at Barker's office in Miami. Hunt, Barker, Sturgis, Chajet and my father, hell, Anderson would even show up too, and pay Sturgis a great deal of money just to get the scoop on Watergate so it would help catapult his career.

Later, Frank and Anderson would have a falling out, and Frank thought he was doubled-crossed by Anderson, he even called Anderson a bastard, and didn't want to see him anymore, but it wasn't Anderson who double-crossed Frank, it was my father. When Frank was in prison he [Anderson] called Janet, Frank's wife, and told her if she wanted to move up to Washington he would help her out, and give her some money until Frank got out. Anderson didn't double cross Frank, when my father testified behind closed doors with Liebengood in 1973-74 that is when a lot of information my father knew started to surface, but he would only release everything he knew under the condition that he, my [father] would receive Federal and State pardons, and why do you suppose he was asking for pardons? Well, for one thing, my father impersonated a United States Army Officer, as well as CIA, FBI, U.S Customs and a Hialeah police office. He stole government classified document, photos, tapes, index cards from U.S. Customs which he admitted to taking, and he was the sixth burglar in Watergate no one had ever known.

My question to everyone here is, does anyone really know why Watergate [had] to happen?

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I heard the St. John Hunt interview on Coast to Coast, 6 Dec. 2015. Thank goodness the host was Richard Syrett, not the worthless George Snorey. When they took calls they put me on first, 4:16 to approx. 4:25 am, "Roy in Summerfield, NC." I picked up his new book "Dorothy" two days ago at my local independent bookstore; had to order it of course. I've read a good chunk of it; won't take long to read it all -- less than 200 pages, big type with many photos mixed throughout the text. The book is Trine Day, so if typos bother you, you will be bothered.

I understand and relate to St. John. Maybe it's because we were born the same year, 1954, maybe because I lived in the D.C. area five years, which he did most of his formative life.

A few tidbits I gleaned from the show:

-- Everette Howard and Dorothy Hunt worked for Averell Harriman in Paris, and they first met right before Dorothy left for France.

-- EH Hunt wrote screenplays and much else for AH: ol' E Howard also wrote 41 novels (!) and 3 non-fiction books. A genuine intellectual.

-- A CIA pilot flew EHH into Dallas. St. John contends that his father was: 1. "just a benchwarmer at The Big Event," echoing EHH on this matter; 2. the oldest, last in line of The Three Tramps, who I believe was Mafia credential forger Chauncey Holt. Sidenote: the last set of Three Tramps (NOT Doyle, Gedney, Abrams -- genuine tramps) was rousted from a gondola-grain car, not a boxcar, and marched through DP no earlier than 2:15, quite a while after the gunfire.

-- who St. John believes was behind The Big Event, from his father's evidence: Richard Helms, James Jesus Angleton (The Stork), William King Harvey (who was in charge of the false defector program, hence probably LHO), Cord Meyer, David Atlee Phillips (who ran the Corsican assassins). St. John noted that all these men were extreme drunks and psychopaths.

-- David Morales was definitely there in DP with so many (nameless, or I missed it) others. Sounds like a spook reunion corner of Main and Houston.

-- Dorothy Hunt was revealing secrets to reporter Michele Clark on the flight just before it went down as the result of obvious sabotage. DH was carrying a lot of hush money, which she had been distributing for a while. FBI was crawling all over the crash scene impossibly fast, and they made all the real evidence disappear. Sound familiar?

My big question, after a stemwinder of an introductory comment, "Was GHW Bush there at 12:30? Is that him in 3/4 back profile?" All St. John would say is he's not sure. "There are problems with Poppy being there when the shooting occurred." He sounded like that question was the one that made him the most uncomfortable. I protested with my evidence a little bit, and they had to go to the next caller. Which was just as well because the next caller, "Wayne," had a lot of dish RE the psychopathy in US history and many of our leaders. To this, St. John stated that, despite his father's air of intellectual superiority, E Howard Hunt was definitely a clinical psychopath. I think St. John's judgment on this matter is because his mother was murdered and his sisters never wanted him to be so public with the mess.

But I think E Howard was not nearly as bad as those other guys.

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St. John Hunt was interviewed this past week on The Power Hour radio show hosted by Joyce Riley.

One new aspect of Watergate that he disclosed was that his mother, Dorothy, was carrying evidence with her on the plane that crashed concerning the JFK assassination. This evidence included canceled checks for funds that Howard distributed in Dallas to the Cuban-Americans who were players in the assassination on the night before the assassination. This evidence led back to the CIA and to Nixon starting in1960 the chain of events that later resulted in JFK being killed.

I feel certain that Dorothy and Howard made copies of the evidence but St. John told me he has no specific knowledge about this. Howard after Dorothy's death may have feared with justification that releasing copies of the evidence would have been followed by his death and the deaths of his four children. As St. John said on The Power Hour, Dorothy knew she was playing a dangerous game in blackmailing the White House for funds for the Watergate burglars and that she held the losing hand because Nixon was as President the most powerful man on earth. Her view of reality led her to take out a $250,000 Mutual of Omaha life insurance policy at the airport before departure.

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In today's episode of coasttocoastam, Saint confuses Salvador Allende with Orlando Letelier, and calls Ronni Moffitt Allende's (Letelier's) "girlfriend."

Where's Joe Pesci when ahistoricity strikes ? Motherf !!

That's a huge error to make. I have been meaning to get his book as I have long been interested in this murder, but I am waiting to hear from others-and reviews- by people who have studied that 12/8/72 conspiracy. I hope the book is not filled with similar confusion. Sherman Skolnick did the best in depth study of this case.


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Everyone: (Part 1)

St. John Hunt's new book, "Dorothy: The Murder of E. Howard Hunt's Wife -- Watergate's Darkest Secret" is a worthwhile read. An indispensable book about Watergate. Another title for this moving work could be, "UAL 553 -- A Study in How the American Crime Lords Can Get Away with Anything." It's not much DIRECTLY about the assassination of JFK, but it is all about how America is a nation MADE for political, criminal conspiracy. It's an unusual book in the oeuvre; no notes, no bibliography, a skeletal index. There's no need for notes because sources are cited within the text, and it's pretty much a memoir anyway. A bibliography would have been nice because Saint refers to many works, but oh well. Actually it's a refreshing and very powerful read after the mass of American conspiracy literature that, more and more, is becoming like a slog through a Dickensian legal case.

Above, Scott Kaiser #20 and Gene Kelly #23 ask the all-important, essential question: Why did Watergate have to happen? (I have my ideas about that for part 2 of this lengthy reply) "Dorothy" has more clues to answer that than anything else I have seen. BUT I think St. John has one big critical part wrong, as does the great Sherman Skolnick. (Thank you, Dawn Meredith #24 for pointing out that "Skolnick did the best in depth study of this case." How very, heroically true.) SJH and SS seem convinced that Nixon was running the show in Watergate, or at least he knew what was going on. Not true; he was BEING run. SS especially seems sure that RM Nixon was a principal in the assassination of John Kennedy, and SJH relies on SS's judgment and follows suit. RMN, evidenced by his "the Bay of Pigs thing" as code for the JFK murder, had put the basic pieces together of the conspiracy, sure. And he was probably threatening the political criminal element (the American right-wing, let's be honest) with exposing the coup. BUT NO, RMN had no part in it. Sure, he was at Clint Murchison's late-night party that cinched the details of Dallas after he'd been paid an inordinate amount to appear at the Pepsi convention. But no way was Nixon privy to the planning, the carrying out and the cover-up of the assassination.

First, there's a name in the index of "Dorothy" that has as many entries as John F. Kennedy. That name is Douglas Caddy. He was E. Howard Hunt's lawyer before, and as, Watergate was breaking. DC handed the ball off to one Bill Bittman, who does not appear to have the integrity of DC. I believe he is the same Mr. Caddy who is one of the hearts and souls and minds on The Ed Forum, and he who started this topic. Trails lead here and there. In brief, check out the long interview of Doug Caddy on Dark Journalist titled, "JFK Killed over the Alien Presence." If only to see how one man could have been present at so many critical moments in history. Like an ingenious, intrepid Forrest Gump. I've never seen/heard of anything like it. And to think he's on this forum.

Next: Part 2 -- United Air Lines Flight 553, 12-8-1972

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Bare facts of the crash of United Air Lines flight 553 near Chicago's Midway Airport, 2:29 PM, 12-8-1972:

-- massive, obvious, sophisticated, satanically devious sabotage

-- 18 survivors

-- 45 homicides:

-- 2 on the ground, Veronica and Theresa Kuculich

-- 43 on the plane, inc. 12 Watergate witnesses:

-- Dorothy Hunt, Watergate hush-money distributor, with over $10K in cash, $40K in (Bernard) "Barker bills", $2 Million in various negotiables -- all but the cash disappeared

-- U. S. Representative George Collins (7th District), a Watergate investigator

-- CBS reporter Michele Clark, investigating Watergate (her body was quickly cremated over her family's objections, probably to hide cyanide poisoning or gunshots)

-- several lawyers and lobbyists involved in the nasty, dragged out legal fight between Northern Natural Gas and El Paso Gas, with ties to John Mitchell -- one atty, James W. Krueger, brought a briefcase stuffed with the El Paso/Mitchell documents onto the plane, which UAL refused to return to his widow

The pilot, about as experienced as can be, was named Whitehouse. How's that for coincidence? In his system, he had four times the level of cyanide ever seen in a crash and burn. On the plane was a DALE/DEA/CIA/DIA (it's all the same) hitman named "Harold Metcalf", who walked out of the back of the plane in a jumpsuit. Strange traveling attire, ey?

50 FBI/DIA were on the scene immediately. Before long there were 150. Fire, police, and EMS were kept blocks away. There can be no doubt that many who were supposed to die, but didn't, were murdered. The Joseph Scarelli mob was on the scene with the feds. They reportedly found the Hunt money and the Mitchell documents and sold them for $5 Million.

In 1973, the Rockefellers were majority owners of UAL and outright owners of all three major media networks, CBS, NBC and ABC. They were in this up to their eyeballs. In America, there was a media blackout of the investigations into Flight 553. News of it was all over Europe. Swedish TV made a very popular documentary starring our very own Sherman Skolnick, for free.

Transportation lobbyist Lawrence O'Connor was steered away from 553. Many suspicious types tried to steer activist Dick Gregory ONTO it, but he smelled a big Cuban-sized, John Mitchell-sized Rat and declined. Though John DEAN may be the biggest prevaricator who ever lived, or tied with LBJ. They make E. Howard Hunt look like an amateur.

Watergate was lousy with the Miami Cubans, just like the JFK assassination. Why did Watergate have to happen? Anyone who cares to know knows that D. C. prostitution and getting an edge in the election (that they were set to win in a landslide) is a bunch of hooey. IMHIgnorantO there are two main (sets of) reasons. One, the ex-Cubans and the right-wing were scared witless that the Dems had solid info about JFK, and were prepared to use it. Ha! As if any group of lazy American cowards would take a chance of losing their cozy racket, er, excuse me, job. American right-wing criminals had nothing to fear regarding that. But they did fear it. As our dear Jack liked to quote this Bible verse, "The wicked flee [and fear] when no one pursueth." The MIC, anti-Castro Cubans, Americans in general fear their own shadow. And such cowards are scary. They are on a hair-trigger and they have plenty of chicken-crap guns with triggers to pull.

The second motive for Watergate was the first motive for the coup of 1963: revenge, pure diabolical hatred. There's a great line in SJH's "Dorothy." He asked his dad what was the real reason for assassinating Kennedy. "Pure uncut revenge for the Bay of Pigs." Those ex-Cubans are still NOW insanely enraged that JFK didn't send in the Marines to change their dirty diaper. And take back Cuba for murderous, work-allergic gangsters. Nixon had let his admin be infiltrated with such human garbage. He wasn't anywhere near as bad as them, but he deserved what he got for not having the courage to stand up to them. And ironically, it was RMN who most pushed the Bay of Pigs, and then the holdover bureaucrats pushed it down JFK's throat. Nixon reaped what he sowed. I don't feel sorry for him, though I don't think he was involved in the American coup on the Kennedys and King.

But if Nixon HAD stood up to the right-wing criminal element in the early 70s any more than he did, he most likely would have gone the way of the Kennedys, shot in the head. By 1973, RMN had most ground troops out of Nam. He did the grunt work of ending LBJ's war, maybe the filthiest in history. Nixon gave 18-year olds the vote, started the EPA, OSHA, and other liberal programs. That's why the military and the right-wing hated him. They couldn't control him. A Nixon impeachment was no great loss to them.

E Howard Hunt went to Miami for the 10th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs, 4-15-71. That's when the ball started rolling for Watergate, a year and two months later. The lazy cowards compared notes and groused about how Nixon wasn't much better than "that ************ Kennedy." The fuse was lit.

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