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Thanks to Trump, fringe news enters the mainstream

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[Poster's question: Does this mean that credible research and information about the JFK assassination long ignored by the mass media will find the public increasingly interested in knowing more?]

Thanks to Trump, fringe news enters the mainstream
By Paul Farhl
The Washington Post
December 11, 2015


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Douglas, we're the fringe.

Kathy C

I am 100% incompatible with Mr. Trump.

(1) I am Hispanic/Latino:


(2) Mr. Trump claims that Lee murdered president Kennedy, acting lone. Will not release any documents.

(3) I am a firm believer in Capitalism and Free Markets. Mr. Trump wants to destroy NAFTA.

(4) I have the utmost respect for the US Constitution.


(5) I am as straightforward as you can get, never speak in dog whistle tones.

(6) Dealing with women, I am a gentleman to a fault. Was groomed as a caballero.

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