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Hollywood Sauna Confidential

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Posted today on Facebook by the book's author, Jeanne Rejaunier. The book is titled Hollywood Sauna Confidential.

This book is about my own and four of my women friends' adventures taking weekend saunas with a handful of individuals who are frequently cited in Kennedy assassination research, as well as my experiences with two persons who, while they did not take saunas with us, had connections with those who did, and whose activities had significant impact in the lives of Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Hollywood Producer/ writer Sy Bartlett’s Saturday and Sunday sauna, sun and swim parties were legendary, as were the delicious peanut encrusted hamburgers soaked in soy sauce Sy traditionally served up for lunch from his poolside barbecue pit, around which gathered scintillating guests from the who’s who of Hollywood, big oil, sports, upper echelon military, local law enforcement, organized crime, and Washington politics. For five years, beginning in 1964, I was a guest at Sy’s ongoing get togethers held at his home on Sunset Plaza Drive in the Hollywood hills. Initially, I had no idea that some of my fellow guests were as notorious as they subsequently proved to be. But it didn't take long to start hearing gossip about the infamous group I was socializing with.

Regulars at the gatherings included persons whose names will be familiar to followers of Kennedy assassination literature: Washington insider, President Lyndon Johnson’s protégé Bobby Baker and his devoted but doomed lady love, toothsome Tennessean Carole Tyler, who would die under questionable circumstances; cocaine addicted, mafia connected Dallas Cowboys owner Clint Murchison; communications pioneer Gordon McLendon, with ties to the CIA; air conditioning magnate/ sex toy manufacturer Roy B. Lofton; and military cold warrior General Curtis Le May of the Joint Chiefs, who made no attempt to disguise his intense hatred of JFK – all of whom have been cited in countless books, articles and online forums as "close to the source" possible co-conspirators in the assassination, persons of interest, and/or as having had foreknowledge of the events of November 22, 1963.

Also aboard as regular attendees at these weekend gatherings were former Chicago organized crime figure turned Las Vegas casino bigwig Charlie “Babe” Baron, who frequently appears in assassination reports; Baron’s tall, curvaceous, dark haired girlfriend Barbara Barrett, an exotic dancer at Hollywood’s burlesque palace the Pink Pussycat; Hollywood leading man Glenn Ford, whom I was dating; Acting Los Angeles Chief of Police Thaddeus (“Thad”) Brown and Chief of Detectives Rudy Diaz; popular broadcasting figure Arthur Godfrey and JFK-LBJ Press Secretary Pierre Salinger; as well as an assortment of recognizable Hollywood

entertainment figures. Carl Wallace, business associate of Roy Lofton’s, an occasional visitor to Sy’s, has also been mentioned in assassination lore, via his family’s air conditioning company truck that was parked in Dealey Plaza at the time of the assassination.
In regular attendance at the Hollywood sauna get togethers were five bikini clad young ladies, of whom I was one, who interacted with the largely male principals.

The two individuals who didn’t frequent the Hollywood Sauna but had ties with others who did, are persons with whom I appeared on television in my acting career: fabled attorney/ lobbyist Tommy “the Cork” Corcoran, intimate of LBJ and Bobby Baker who played an incredible role in our nation's history; and the ill fated back channel to Cuban leader Fidel Castro, TV journalist Lisa Howard, who died mysteriously after her groundbreaking interviews with Castro, whose relationships with Castro and Kennedy surely contributed to her untimely end, and whose key role, when reanalyzed in light of facts that emerged years later, can shed new understanding not only on her own death but, I believe, on Kennedy's as well. Although Howard’s death was ruled probable suicide, I challenge this verdict, as much as I challenge the official ruling that Carole Tyler being killed in a small private plane crash was an "accident."


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I found the author's summary of her book offbeat but interesting.

Maryann Manley bought the book and sent notice that she had done so to Debra Conway, who in turn posted information about it on Facebook, where I read about it. What does it have to do with the JFK assassination? Well, for me it called attention to the death by possible unnatural means of Carole Tyler, the "doomed lady love" of Bobby Baker. It was Bobby Baker who told another LBJ associate at JFK's presidential inauguration that JFK would not live out his term. So it raises the question what Carole Tyler might have known about the assassination that led to her death and if this is so whether something still exists out there that might shed light on her knowledge.

For other assassination researchers there may be a detail in the book that triggers in their minds something also worth pursuing.

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