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Pictures - John Pic, Then and Now

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I've recently been looking for a picture of John Pic, Oswad's half-brother, but have had trouble locating one, and wondered if anyone might point me to where it might be found.

I also enjoy looking at what are often described as "then and now" pics of assassination-related sites / areas, etc. Basically, just photos of various sites as they were at the time of the assassination, and how they appear today. Often, these pics have side-by-side comparisons, and in some cases, they'll actually sort of overlay and blend the old and new pics, together. I just find them fascinating, and thought that there was no better or more knowledgable group to ask about potential resources of such pictures, than this one.

So, I ask.

Thanks, in advance.

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I can't upload photos right now, but here's a link to the Oswald family picture, including Pic:


John Pic is seen as a child in a photo midway down this page:


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