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My name is Charles Williams (I go by Chad), 30 years old, from the Midwest. I am sure I am among a great number of individuals who consider themselves history buffs, but I pretty much devote all my free time when i'm not working, taking care of my kids, or doing house work, to studying, reading, and researching. Truth be told, I probably study, read, and research while i'm working, taking care of my kids and doing house work, so, I think I can fairly say I can sometimes be a walking book. My favorite subjects, or rather the subjects I'm most knowledgeable in are Post-WWII America, Cold War, JFK, and anything and everything in between. I also have a great interest in Theology, religion origins, and Fringe Sciences (Quantum Physics, Paranormal,) and see overlapping connections between most areas I'm interested in.

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