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New experiment in the JFK assassination research

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http://cosmiciguana.com/ (middle of the page). This story was published in the Santa Barbara News-Press on November 11, 2004. It would be funny if someone here could go and take photos of the event.



A Brooks Institute of Photography instructor has tried to put to rest one of the most-asked questions of the past 40 years: Who shot JFK?

... At an opening-night reception Friday at Brooks' Montecito Gallery, Newell Clark will use high-speed digital video technology to argue that someone on the fabled grassy knoll and not Oswald, who authorities determined was staked out in the Texas School Book Depository, took the life of the nation's 35th president....

... Mr. Clark said his research showed that the fatal shot came from in front of the president. To test his theory, Mr. Clark took some cantaloupes wrapped in duct tape to the Winchester Canyon Gun Club on West Camino Cielo and started shooting. An $80,000 camera from Vision Research Co. in New Jersey allowed him to capture the action at 150,000 frames per second -- a feat unheard of when Abraham Zapruder used an 8mm camera to make a home movie of the assassination, the only known footage of the president before, during and after the shooting.

After comparing the images of flying melon fragments to eyewitness accounts of the assassination, Mr. Clark came to the conclusion that the government failed in the Kennedy investigation.

"There's no way he could have gotten shot from behind," he said... [*]

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