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Bill Cosby Charged with Criminal Sexual Assault

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Bill Cosby Charged with Crime in Philadelphia for sexual assault. Unlike the civil lawsuits that he has settled out of court in the past, Cosby will not be able to throw money at the accusation to make it go away. These charges are criminal and will be settled in a courtroom by a jury.

Cosby claimed the 2005 incident, which in 2006 was settled during a civil suit, was innocuous and that his accuser consented to the act by failing to object or stop him--even though he admitted to having given her pills and wine before fondling her. His accuser said then--and maintains today--that she was incapable of fighting him off as she was slipping in and out of consciousness. Shortly thereafter she went to the police but the then DA refused to press criminal charges for "lack of evidence." Philadelphia has a new DA that reviewed the case including testimony and evidence gleaned from the civil suit settlement and filed charges.

Why the change?

Well, one must consider the likelihood that this woman would have consented to sexual advances from a man--any man--if she had not been drugged.

The victim is a gay female who was in a relationship with a female at the time of the incident.

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I'm really disappointed by this. The very first record I ever bought was one of Bill Cosby's stand up albums. I loved his comedy and thought he was a role model for (USA) parents. To find out his failings are this bad makes me wonder about everyone.

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Me too, Evan.

One of my favorite stand-up routines of all time was his HBO Special: Cosby Himself. He just sat up there on a simple metal chair, like the type you'd see in an auditorium, with a microphone in his hand. No other props. And he talked about simple life events, like having and raising kids, what parents deal with, the dentist's office...just regular stuff. But it was brilliant in its levity and simplicity.

Now his light don't shine so bright after all. A pity.

Yet sometimes a famous and beloved celebrity's fall from grace can distract us from the horror caused to those who were abused. He is not the harmed party here nor are we. The women are the victims. I don't know exactly what justice for them looks like, but I sure hope they get it. And peace.

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