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¿Alguien interesado en este proyecto con Polonia?

Dear Ms de Salvador,

Could you possibly help us get in touch with teachers in your country who might be interested in joining our educational project (described below). We started the project too late to join Spring Day in Europe but hope that national coordinators of the network are still in a position to assist new initiatives with similar objectives.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Alex Schejbal

Project coordinator


The Brody School in Poland is looking for European secondary schools to join an intercultural discussion forum project (2 – 10 Internet based lessons required to take part) exchanging general information about the pupils outlooks, hobbies, schools and lifestyles. The exchange should be done in English.

The project is called Quest for Young Europe and is hosted on the school website http://www.gim2brody.iap.pl/forum/

Students from other schools can take part in the exchange either as a class or individually. We are particularly interested in getting answers to the first set of questions (Think Before You Write on the Forum) since it contains some issues more “elaborated” than the other parts. The whole debate is the youngsters’ initiative, with the teachers’ role confined to general supervision and advice.

The website includes more information on registration and participation rules (Forum Guide EN). Please get in touch if there are any further questions.

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