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Gary Fannin is interviewed on his new book by Brent Holland

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Gary Fannin is the author of the new book, “The Innocence of Oswald: 50+ Years of Lies, Deception and Deceit in the Murders of President John F. Kennedy & Officer J.D. Tippit”


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Thank you everyone for allowing me to join your forum. I have been studying the JFK assassination for nearly 36 years and just published my first book, 'The Innocence of Oswald--50+ Years of Lies, Deception and Deceit in the Murders of President John F. Kennedy & Officer J.D. Tippit.'

The above link is the Night Fright Show I did on Nov. 15, 2015. Please feel free to ask any questions and go to my website, www.theinnocenceofoswald.com for more pictures and documents that are in the book.

Thanks again for the invite and the opportunity.

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I assume you're hoping for some feedback, Gary, so let me give you some after a first glance. I looked through the documents on your website, and saw some comments and documents I found quite questionable.

For one, you presented the FBI crime lab's first report, and made out that its mention of scrapings from the inside of the windshield meant that a shot came from the front. Well, this is the opposite of my impression, and the impression I dare say of most. The scrapings from the inside of the windshield were to gather some lead residue, in hopes it could be matched up with a particular kind of ammunition, i.e. to verify that this lead came from the same ammunition as was found in the limo. While some might claim this was a lie, and that there was actually a hole in the windshield, I fail to understand how you can claim having lead on the inside of the windshield indicates the shot came from the front.

As I scrolled further through your documents I saw something even more questionable. It appears you accept the McCone memo in which he says Oswald worked for the CIA as authentic. Most researchers, as I suspect you know, have written this off as a fake. Did you do any research as to the source of this memo? It is my recollection that no one has found it at the archives, and that there are a number of things about the memo that smell to high heaven. If you did some research on the memo, and found reasons to believe it is authentic, that could be important.

As I scrolled still further, however, I saw something that made me stop: Roscoe White, You have numerous memos on Roscoe White. Are you really trying to resuscitate interest in White--not just as a crooked cop who ended up with a piece of evidence denied the Warren Commission--but as an actual conspirator? Although I suppose it remains possible you've found something ignored by others, it is my impression this avenue has been thoroughly explored, and found lacking. So I guess my question is if you think Roscoe White was involved, and why.

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Thanks for the comments Pat. Yes, I do believe there was a shot through the windshield. Several eyewitnesses and FBI/Secret Service agents admitted in their reports of a shot through the windshield. And, Mortician Tom Robinson of Gawler's Funeral Home admitted to the ARRB that JFK had glass 'shrapnel' in his neck/cheek area. Also, an analysis of the angle of a shot from the South Knoll is consistent with a shot through the front and JFK's personal physician was NOT seated between the two Secret Service Agents on this motorcade. The only time he was NOT seated there. If he is there, he gets hit from frontal shot, not JFK.

As for the McCone Memo, I received this from Robert Groden. This document has been rumored to be 'fake' by several people. However, upon talking to Robert Tosh Plumlee, he verified to me that he seen a memo identical to this in 1974 before hearings before the Church Committee. He admitted he doesn't know if it was word for word, but said he did see this memo prior to its 'fake status' now.

As for Roscoe White, YES...YES...YES...YES... I think Roscoe is 100% involved. The only people that I know that tried to discredit Ricky White was the Media, FBI, Intelligence, etc....and YES, I think these agencies have an agenda to try to discredit Ricky. However, J. Gary Shaw has the originals in Baylor University Library, I had my hands on them and they were tested to be authentic by both 3M and IBM. I also had my hands on Roscoe White's 'Witness Elimination Program Book' in which he admits to killing 28 people from 1963 to 1970. J. Gary Shaw not only knew Jack Ruby, but has been one of the leading researchers on this topic for 52 years. Yes, I believe completely in Roscoe. Besides his USS Bexar trip with Oswald, did you know they served together in the same Marine Unit for over 6 months in photographic and radar operations? Surely you don't think this is all 'coincidence.'

I appreciate your comments, but, I would ask the same of other researchers to independently look at all the evidence. I'm not in this to sell books.

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Good Day Gary.... Welcome aboard.
This is a scaled diagram of the limousine detailing the Z-206 instant; approximately
3 ZAPRUDER frames (0.163 second) after President KENNEDY had, already, ultrafast,
snapped his head 87 degrees from when he was waving-to, smiling-at, and facing
towards witnesses on his right (@ Z-203), to his facing forward at the Z-206 time stamp,
an instant in the ZAPRUDER film before he becomes briefly hidden by the "Stemmons"
sign. *
The scaled diagram also details for us CONNALLY's head facing direction and his head
location before-and-after the "Stemmons" sign very briefly blocked him from
ZAPRUDER's view.
Also detailed is the precise location of the assassination-caused defect on the
presidential limousine's windshield.
As we can clearly see, CONNALLY blocked any hot bullet (and every fired
bullet is hot), incorrectly-theorized bullet trajectory directly between JFK's
"3 to 5 mm" ** sized throat front wound, and the steeply-slanted, multiple-
layers-laminated, inside-surface-only windshield impact defect.
* the Warren Commission's investigator's determined and documented that from Z-166
to 210 President KENNEDY was hidden by a nearby large tree, out of the targeting view
of anyone in the Warren Commission, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair"
** PERRY stated to HUMES that before PERRY scalpelled-through JFK's throat front
wound the wound was round with clean edges and its diameter was "3 to 5 mm", as
documented in HUMES notes when HUMES phoned PERRY the next morning after
the assassination
Best Regards in Research,

+ ++Don

Donald Roberdeau
United States Navy
U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, plank walker
Sooner, or later, The Truth emerges Clearly

For your key considerations + independent determinations....

Homepages Website: "Men of Courage": JFK-elimination Evidence,
Photographers, Outstanding Researchers Discoveries, Suspects, + Key Considerations....

The Dealey Plaza Detailed Map: Documented 11-22-63 Victims Precise Locations +
Reactions, Evidence, Witnesses Locations, Photographers, Suspected Bullet Trajectories,
Outstanding Researchers Discoveries, + Important Information + Key Considerations, in
One Convenient Resource....
( updated map, + new information )

Visual Report: The First Bullet Impact Into President Kennedy: While JFK was Still Hidden
Under the "Magic-limbed-ricochet-tree"....

Visual Report: Reality Versus C.A.D. : the Real World, versus, Garbage-in-garbage-out....

Discovery: Very Close JFK Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS
Zapruder Film Documented 2nd Head Snap:
West, Ultrafast, and Directly
Towards the Grassy Knoll ....

T ogether
E veryone
A chieves
M ore

For the United States:
Edited by Don Roberdeau
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I appreciate your comments, however, I do not believe in Connally's alignment as you show in your Diagram. The Warren Commission came up with idea that John Connally was seated lower and to the inside of JFK during the motorcade. Photographic evidence shows this to be false. I have pictures overhead of the Limousine with the jump seat nearly against the exterior door. Also a photograph from Dave Powers home movie (in follow up car) which shows Connally slightly to the right of JFK, not left of JFK. Now, I realize in my photo, you can see the right side of the car (partially) therefore, if you can see the right side of the car, Connally should appear in the image to be MORE to the left than actual....it is the opposite. He is barely to the right of JFK indicating he was seated DIRECTLY in front of him.

If I can find out how to post these images for you I will. I don't believe in the WC seating chart based upon these photos and talking to Vince Palamara. The WC only came up with Connally seated lower and inside of JFK to support the Single Bullet Conclusion by Specter.....not what most of us call it, the Magic Bullet Theory or Single Bull$hit Theory.

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