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The Caskets

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Commission Exhibit No. 392 (Appendix VIII, Warren Commission Report)

The President arrived in the Emergency Room at exactly 12:43 p. m. in his limousine. He was in the back seat, Gov. Connally was in the front seat of the same car, Gov. Connally was brought out first and was put in room two. President was brought out next and put in room one. Dr. Clark pronounced the President dead at 1 p. m. exactly. All of the President's belongings except his watch were given to the Secret Service. His watch was given to Mr. O. P. Wright. He left the Emergency Room, the President, at about 2 p.m. in an O'Neal ambulance. He was put in a bronze colored plastic casket after being wrapped in a blanket and was taken out of the hospital. He was removed from the hospital. The Gov. was taken from the Emergency Room to the Operating Room.


Sibert and O'Neill FBI Report:

"Arrangements were made for the performance of the autopsy by the U.S. Navy and Secret Service.

The President’s body was removed from the casket in which it had been transported and was placed on the autopsy table, at which time the complete body was wrapped in a sheet and the head area contained an additional wrapping which was saturated with blood. Following the removal of the wrapping, it was ascertained that the President’s clothing had been removed and it was also apparent that a tracheotomy had been performed, as well as surgery of the head area, namely, in the top of the skull. All personnel with the exception of medical officers needed in the taking of photographs and X–Rays were requested to leave the autopsy room and remain in an adjacent room."


Was he wrapped in a sheet or a blanket?

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I've read various accounts of how the body was wrapped, both at Parkland and Bethesda, and I've never seen a blanket mentioned. But, then, I've never read the WC report.

At Parkland:

He was wrapped in a sheet, and a separate sheet for his head. The casket was lined with a plastic mattress cover.

At Bethesda:

- At the first casket entrance at 6:30 PM he was in a body bag.

- At the third casket entrance at 8:00 PM he was again wrapped in a sheet, and a separate sheet for his head.

Here's a relevant thread: How JFK's body was wrapped.

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Think about it. Casket switching. Body alteration. That had to be pre-planned. It wasn't spur-of-the-moment.

I'm inclined to believe either DVP is correct, Oswald did it; or there was a deep and dark conspiracy. Not a conspiracy lite as Thomas Graves believes; not a conspiracy as Greg believes; but a full-throated conspiracy.

Either you believe in conspiracy-lite or you believe in no conspiracy or full-throated conspiracy.

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It would be fascinating to see a summary of where the assassination conspiracy ended and the coverup conspiracy began.

I think much of that line could be drawn right now, with a little thought. For example, I think it's safe to say that the pre-autopsy surgery was part of the assassination. Not only because there was no time for the coverup artists to come up with it, but also because it was necessary to show that Castro-loving Oswald did the deed.

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