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Request that Forum Administrators Verify True Identity of Ashton Gray

Douglas Caddy

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Request that Forum Administrators Verify True Identity of Ashton Gray

I have been a member in good standing of the Education Forum for 10 years.
I have reason to believe that the person participating in the forum under the name of “Ashton Gray” is doing so fraudulently and is not using his real name or the photograph associated with that name as posted by “Ashton Gray” in the forum.
I hereby formally request that the Administrators of the forum require the person participating under the name of “Ashton Gray” to produce proper identification to the Administrators that this is his real name and true photograph.
To accomplish this goal I request that the Administrators require “Ashton Gray” to use the U.S. Postal Service to mail to the Administrators a copy of his driver’s license since this is the official form of identification required by the U.S. Homeland Security Administration for many purposes, including travel on airplanes.
Upon examination by the Administrators of the driver’s license submitted by “Ashton Gray” to make certain that it is true and proper and not an altered or fabricated document, I request that the Administrators announce their finding on this matter to the members of the forum.
I request that the Administrators give “Ashton Gray” a set period of time with which to comply with the request for submission of his driver’s license. Two weeks from the date of your request would be a fair period. If after the two week period has expired and “Ashton Gray” has not submitted his driver’s license, I request that the Administrators immediately cancel the membership of “Ashton Gray” in the forum accompanied by an announcement of doing this to the membership.
I am certain that the Administrators recognize that at stake here is the integrity of the Education Forum. A person operating under fraudulent identification in the forum poses a threat not only to the public reputation of the forum but to the credibility of the work product posted on the forum by all members.
Douglas Caddy
Member of the Texas and District of Columbia Bars

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