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Now I'm convinced it was an "inside job"

Len Colby

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Sadly, the legacy of Jim Garrison's failure to convict anybody in the JFK assassination, and his subsequent blaming of the CIA as some magical super-power that could do anything, has spawned, after half a century, a full-blown Science Fiction subculture of the CIA as an Intergalactic Empire.

John Armstrong leads one battalion with his nonsense about a CIA plot that starts when Lee Harvey Oswald was a baby, which deliberately micro-managed every aspect of evidence about the JFK assassination that ever came to the attention of the FBI from 1963 forward.

The marketplace seems to have a real appetite for such Science Fiction.

We have a generation of Americans who don't remember JFK, but who are infatuated with the Conspiracy Theories as a literary form -- and they seem to value its Pulp Fiction aspect far more than its link to American History.

I would hope that JFK conspiracy theories about "Shape-Shifters" and "Zionists" and "Illuminati" and all the Photoshop output is really somebody having a laugh at the gullibility of the American public.

Sadly, there seems to be some evidence that some gullible folks also know how to use Photoshop and YouTube, and really do believe in an Alien Spaceship guiding a Zionist plot to destroy the World Trade Center at 9/11 and other nonsense.

JFK Conspiracy Theories began to crumble when Jim Garrison's case crumbled. Most CTers turned to a CIA-did-it Science Fiction CT, and remain there today. The trouble is -- it spun out of control. So, one reaps what one sows, doesn't one?

It's time to return to planet Earth, people, and to the real problems we face -- like a Radical Right run amok -- starting when the Warren Commission and the FBI let General Walker and his Dallas Minutemen get away scot free for the murder of JFK.

We reap what we sow.


--Paul Trejo

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