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As another thread is locked, I will write here about Nazis. First I want to say that I saw a video that said Prescott Bush adopted George HW Bush. They share no resemblance except both were tall. Bush's real father was a Nazi, whom the U.S. was shielding.

I have had reasons to research the Nazis, the Jews and Revisionists these past months. I am currently reading "Survival in Auschwitz" by Primo Levi. I have watched many documentaries about the Nazi camps and Hitler and his henchmen. Other books I've bought include Hunting Eichmann, Ratline, cd's of the Nazis next door, and "Post-Zionism, Post-Holocaust." In the last one the author, a Jew, names revisionists and tries to tell the public why these individuals think what they do. To me, it's wishful thinking. I believe the first revisionists were French men, Rassinier and Pierre Guillaume. They don't believe in 6 million Jews, Zyglon-B Gas, Gas chambers, and murdering droves of people, torturing others, working them to death, no winter clothes to cover their emaciated bodies.

When the Americans came, General Eisenhower told the photographers to take pictures of everything. "Because a day will come when someone is going to say, 'This never happened.'"

The films: I had watched them when I was a kid with my parents and my father told me Hitler was the devil. (I went to Catholic School.) A year or so later, he told me Lee Harvey Oswald was the devil. But it was another thing to watch these films as an adult. I couldn't believe the barbarity. These were fellow human beings. I saw bodies thinner than mannequins being bulldozed into mass graves. How can a human being do these terrible things?

I learned that Hitler never went to the camps. He was afraid of being photographed there. And he knew what was going on there. His fellows kept in touch with him daily. I have read that the Vatican protected escaping Nazis, helping to get them to Argentina. The Vatican was a safe house. Later on the Catholics said we helped them because they, too, were anti-communists. The Americans and the Russians each took the best Nazi scientists. Some people think Hitler escaped. I have a book on that too.

I heard a radio show hosted by a Black Muslim, saying terrible things about Jews. They were garbage, they're disgusting. I knew one person who hated Jews. He believed they invented mental illness so they could whine about something. I told him my favorite movie was "The Pawnbroker."

Whether it was 6 million or 600 people treated like that at "extermination" camps and the Final Solution... I saw those films. I saw camps I never heard of. I believe if you're such a revisionist you're a hater of Jews. That's the motive. Maybe jealousy because Jewish people are known for making careers for themselves and are accomplished people. Jesus was a Jew.

Finally, I asked A.J. Weberman, who taught the Kennedy Assassination at Columbia U and wrote a successful, impressive book about the Assassination, if the Vatican or the Catholic Church had a hand in the assassination of President Kennedy. He told me NO. I had asked him because I knew he was a Jew.

I'm glad to see Len Colby is back. I found his signatures very funny.

Kathy C

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Hi Kathleen. Interesting thread.

I agree with what you're saying about Revisionists when it comes to World War Two and the Nazi Death Camps.

I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say about Revisionists in the context of the JFK Assassination.

I have read CT theories (e.g. Garth Wean and his school) who claim that the Jews killed JFK.

I have read CT theories (e.g. Mae Brussell and her school) who believe the Nazis killed JFK and blamed the Jews.

Both are extreme views, and IMHO they ignore the facts of the JFK murder in order to resurrect their own World War Two political views.

In other words -- for these schools, really solving the JFK murder doesn't matter much to them, but taking another punch for World War Two really matters.

It's interesting, however, that the most recent theory I've read -- Dr. Jeffrey Caufield's new book, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: The Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015) says that the Radical Right under General Walker and Joseph Milteer truly did plot and execute the assassination of JFK in Dallas -- and Joseph Milteer went a further mile to try to blame the Jews for it.

General Walker was content to blame Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder, because in Walker's opinion, RFK had sent LHO to kill Walker on April 10, 1963, and this was sweet revenge. Here is the last of many articles he wrote on this topic:


But Walker's real motive was to scare the USA into blaming the FPCC and the Communists, and so invade Cuba and assassinate Fidel Castro.

Joseph Milteer was happy to sign up for that, too, but Milteer wanted more. He was happy that the JBS manipulated Bernie Weisman to sign the "Black Bordered Ad" in the Dallas Morning News which accused JFK of supporting the Communists -- because that linked a Jewish man to the murder.

Then, Milteer was happy that the DPD manipulated Jack Ruby to kill LHO, because that linked a Jewish man to the silencing of the Patsy. Milteer was thrilled that Jews would be blamed for both events. He really thought that the American people would notice this, and think the way he did.

I believe that Mae Brussell went too far in her belief in an "Invisible Fourth Reich" in the USA. I can, however, understand her paranoia as a child of the World War Two generation of Jews. But as a JFK researcher, she isn't helping very much, IMHO.

I also believe Gareth Wean went too far in his belief that fanatics from the State of Israel killed JFK because he was a Catholic and they were afraid he was going to betray Israel. I can, however, sympathize with his theory that General Walker convinced lots of people in Dallas to help him because he portrayed the JFK murder plot as really a Fake Assassination Attempt, as political theater, in order to scare the USA into invading Cuba. I'm sympathetic to that because even Jeff Caufield is today advocating that same idea.


--Paul Trejo

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what i have always wanted from a revisionist is a credible explanation of where all those people they claim weren't murdered went off to.

also what did weberman, the world's first garbologist according to him, discover in bob dylan's trash.? this was back when a.j. was the founder and leader of the dylan liberation front, which he founded.

a very strange man.

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I like A.J. Weberman. With Garbology you can find out things about people. It's legal as long as the garbage

is left by the curb.

Kathy C

no one said you couldn't, he's just a little too crispy for me. not trying to start an argument just giving a broader picture of the man for those who may be unfamiliar with him

For example: Weberman has written on the life and works of Bob Dylan, including creating a word concordance of Dylan's lyrics, and writing the Dylan to English Dictionary published in 2005. One of Weberman's theories on Dylan's songwriting is that some of Dylan's songs are actually about, or addressed to, Weberman himself. Most Dylan scholars and biographers have rejected Weberman's interpretations of Dylan's work while others have not addressed his interpretations.

Rolling Stone magazine called Weberman "the king of all Dylan nuts" and he has been described as obsessively stalking Dylan and being "off the deep end". Dylan, annoyed by Weberman who was constantly digging through his garbage,assaulted Weberman on Elizabeth Street in Manhattan and beat the hell out of him. In another article, Rolling Stone reported that Weberman, "a man that terrorized Bob Dylan during the '60s," had now "returned to hassle his son," Jakob Dylan. Weberman claimed that the younger Dylan was a heroin addict.

Weberman expressed his unhappiness with Bob Dylan to him in a telephone conversation that he recorded and was able to have briefly distributed as an LP by Folkways Records.

As of 2015, Weberman is still an active "Dylanologist", infrequently posting Dylan-centric videos on YouTube. In many of his videos, Weberman implies that Dylan is still communicating to him through his music. When Bob Dylan's 2016 NFL Super Bowl advertisement for IBM was released, Weberman thought it was about himself because he had written articles about Dylan using an IBM computer in 1971. The first IBM PC was available in 1980, so its unclear if there's any element of truth to that statement. He has also made unfounded connections between Bob Dylans' music and Holocaust Revisionism, going as far as claiming Dylan has a racist agenda. On top of this, Weberman firmly believes Dylan has been hiding an HIV/AIDS diagnosis for years, but has failed to provide any evidence other than fragmented and delusional connections to Dylans' lyrics.

In 2002, Weberman, along with the Jewish Defense Organization, and JDO chief Mordechai Levy, were successfully sued for libel in Brooklyn, New York. The jury stated that Weberman was responsible for $300,000 of the $850,000 judgement.

here's what's on weberman's website about that judgment and apparently others:






​i guess i need more than this. how could columbia even touch him?

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I like A.J. Weberman. With Garbology you can find out things about people. It's legal as long as the garbage

is left by the curb.

Kathy C

Well, Kathy, I like A.J. Weberman, too. His strongest feature, IMHO, is that he interviewed Gerry Patrick HEMMING more than any other interviewer, and obtained more valuable details about the JFK assassination from HEMMING than anybody else.

Weberman admits, too, that he also obtained more useless lies about the JFK assassination from HEMMING, and yet it is worth the bother of sorting out the truth from the lies, even if it takes 20 years -- because otherwise we would never have the true details.

For his part, HEMMING explained why he had to lie so much: HEMMING would have been killed immediately if he ever came out with the full truth. So HEMMING was obliged to mix truth with lies, and it became our responsibility, as American readers, to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

There was a year in which Gerry Patrick HEMMING was a member of this very FORUM -- shortly before he died of natural causes. That was before I was a member, but I was a long-time reader. I was hoping at that time that A.J. Weberman would engage HEMMING in an online interview, but that never happened.

As for the Radical Right and the Jewish Question with relation to the JFK assassination, HEMMING only said that the Radical Right had offered him money to assassinate JFK. The question raised by Gareth Wean (1971) about whether the Radical Right could be defined as Zionists was intended, IMHO, to confuse the issue.

The Radical Right typically means ultra-nationalism. This was the character of Hitler's Germany. Jews in Germany 1935-1945 were outsiders, and regarded widely throughout Germany as Communists, that is, on the Radical Left wing.

Yet it depends on the country of which we speak. In Israel, to be a Zionist is to be ultra-nationalist. It is the Palestinians and Christians who are the outsiders there. But that is inside Israel -- inside the USA it is another story entirely.

Inside the USA, where our beloved Constitutional values extol the Equality of all peoples regardless of Race, Religion, Class or Gender, such ideas as a Radical Right or a Radical Left are themselves out of place.

We continue to view JFK as a representative of these American values of Equality under the Law, along with Justice and Fairness.

The assassination of JFK -- and here is my opinion on the matter -- was never a Collective Act of a mob of faceless fanatics. It was a carefully planned, carefully executed crime by very specific individuals. They have names and faces. It is our duty as Americans and historians to identify them.

There were two groups -- the Planning Crew and the Ground Crew.

At the same time, we must agree on some basics, IMHO. The JFK Kill-Team and the JFK Cover-up Team were hostile towards one-another. The JFK Kill Team (led by General Walker) wanted to blame the Communists for the JFK murder, and then invade Cuba. The JFK Cover-up Team (led by J. Edgar Hoover) wanted to blame OSWALD alone as a "Lone Nut", and stay out of a war with the Communists.

As history played it out, J. Edgar Hoover won that battle. The Radical Right succeeded in killing JFK, but they failed in their ultimate bid for control over the American People to invade Cuba and kill Fidel Castro. It was bitter for everybody.

So, Kathy, while I do agree with you (and with Jeff Caufield) that Radical Right politics played a central role in the JFK murder, I think that Antisemitism played only a marginal role in the JFK saga, while Communist Cuba played the central role as a motive and a political football in 1963.

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo

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