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John Armstrong blasts the mail order rifle “evidence”

Jim Hargrove

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12 minutes ago, Micah Mileto said:

Where did Armstrong say this?

Not sure what this is doing in a Mexico City thread.....  as for PT's pithy comments, Paula does indeed mention that the MAN THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT was wearing a similar sweater to Oswald when he was killed....  Obviously it was not the same sweater... yet wouldn't it be more telling that Paula and guest, McFarland and Bowen are all put on a Del Norte bus while our man Oswald arrives - according to the WCR - on Flecha Rojas and/or Anahuac

As for his entering in an "AUTO" as the FM-11 claims.... if he is going to Mexico to get money from companions to kill JFK - he is involved in a conspiracy to kill POTUS... exactly as the CIA had planned phase 1.   When he HAD to be a Lone Nut, the car "STORY" becomes the bus "STORY"


A "false story re Oswald's trip to Mexico" is a false story no matter how many different ways you want to cut it.



FLECHA ROJAS  - CD1245 also has the bus manifest from Monterrey (where Pam and guest supposedly get on the Flecha Rojas bus) to Mexico City...
They are not on that manifest either...



Flecha Rojas Baggage Manifest leaving Nuevo Laredo...  this is interpreted as BOWEN on line 15 AND A GUEST on line 16 (just like M/M McFarland)

Bowen/Osbourne also denies it was Oswald... if he was a CIA/FBI asset, he sure didn't do his job convincing them it was Oswald....




Mr. BALL. How was this boy from Texas dressed? 
Miss MUMFORD. He was dressed casually. I don't remember what color trousers he had on. He had on a dark sweater. I know that. It was a wool sweater, a sort of a charcoal gray color. When we saw him on television. being arrested or being taken down to the Dallas County jail, Patricia was the first to recognize that that was the same sweater. We were reluctant to believe this. of course, at first; that we knew this man. But she said the thinning hair on the top, the thinning, curly, wiry hair, plus the sweater that she recognized right away, and I recognized afterwards, made us almost certain that this was the same man. 


I collected a variety of POSTMARKS and while most have a number after the location, one says "Terminal Annex" after Dallas, TEX.
suggesting to me that these are locations and not machine numbers...  Every post office has postal zones for which it serves....  you can then tell where mail originated.

"MIAMI's" for example has no number or designation... ergo no MACHINE processed it?  Don't think so.
Besides - who microfilms an envelope and neglects the Money Order unless there never was a money order (or rifle order) in the first place?


Plus, What's the point of printing a machine # on a postmark....?


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Paul Trejo, I found no evidence that Tippit was a member of the John Birch Society,

though his boss at Austin's, Austin Cook, whom I interviewed for INTO THE NIGHTMARE, was a member

at least for a while. Cook was less than entirely forthcoming with me about his extensive rightwing connections but confirmed

some; his place, as we know, was a hangout for the far right. I don't rule out involvement by Tippit with

the Birch Society but would like to know what evidence you have for that claim.

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