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Whew! Paul, that's a powerful closing passage! I see in your mature years, you've at last found a hero, or maybe a. certain group from an era.

The only general in the 20th century to give up his pension?? That sounds well researched. True, How many of us, would give up our pensions?

To "do in civilian life, what was no longer possible to do in a uniform."!! Whoa!

But truly in their heart of hearts?? Wow, I bet nobody really appreciated them at the time either. Now that's courage.

I guess some fantasize being part of the March to Washington with Dr. King, some being with Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, and you have some perverse desire to be in that crowd and part oft that last flurry of the last days when white was right.

......Ok, I kinda get it.

Well, it's like this Kirk.

Jon Tidd recently asked that if the US Government didn't kill JFK, then does it really matter, 50 years later?

It's a profound question. I myself, because I accept the Walker-did-it CT, don't believe that the US Government killed JFK.

All the decades of arguments proposed by James DiEugenio and the CIA-did-it, LBJ-did-it, Mafia-did-it, etc. etc. CTers, have failed to convince me.

Yes -- I accept that there was a conspiracy to kill JFK. Yes -- I accept that the US Government covered it up.

No - I don't accept the BASELESS arguments that claim that the US Government killed JFK. LBJ, Hoover, Dulles and Warren all agreed that the Truth about JFK must be kept from the American Public for 75 years (from the WC publication). But after the USSR fell in 1990, President GHW Bush changed that date to 53 years.

That's a major clue. The reason that the US Government covered it up was because they didn't want the USSR to make a propaganda victory out of it, in the middle of the Cold War. They said 75 years because they didn't know how long the Cold War was going to last, IMHO.

What would the USSR gloat about? That our own Radical Right killed JFK -- over the Civil Rights issue.

So -- does it matter -- POLITICALLY? No, not anymore -- because there never was a real Coup-d-Etat -- and all those alarmist cries from the CIA-did-it school are just hysterical.

But it matters for HISTORY. HISTORY must be introduced to man who was famous 1961-1963, but who became forgotten in the greater narratives of US History -- e.g. the Vietnam War and the Watergate fiasco -- and all the later disasters.

HISTORY will be introduced to the Resigned General Edwin Walker -- who was the only US General to resign in the 20th century, forfeiting his 30-year Army Pension.

I don't admire that -- I regard that as a rash and bitter act of political showmanship. The year after Walker did that, he ran for Governor of Texas. If he would have won, he would have run for US President. If he had won, he would have been the Dixiecrat darling, and he would have reversed the Brown Decision, and restored the Jim Crow laws in the South. He said this openly.

This is not my hero. However, this is exactly the sort of person we should be looking for as the JFK Killer, and the mastermind of the JFK assassination.

Just 30 days before the murder of JFK in Dallas, General Walker had organized the humiliation of Adlai Stevenson in Dallas. It took him a full day to organize this -- in the very same auditorium in which Adlai would speak.

This is the guy whom history has forgotten -- but after 2017, he will again become big news, I predict. No, he's not my hero -- but he is one of the most colorful Americans in Cold War US History.


--Paul Trejo

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