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New Details Uncovered in 1972 Disappearance of Congressman Hale Boggs

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On 8/20/2019 at 9:59 PM, Ed LeDoux said:

Bransford didnt crash, the Helo didnt crash, and neither were over water, they were in the pass, over LAnD.

Please review the evidence.

Cheers, Ed


Thanks for your work Ed.  So for all the technological expertise of the US Government, U2 overflights or Russia and Cuba in the late 50 's - early sixties, they couldn't find a US Congress Majority leaders plane in the early 1970's.  In a pass leading to Juneau, not far away, not that big of an area relatively speaking.   

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On 2/19/2016 at 4:31 PM, Richard Gilbride said:

Something is dreadfully wrong, and it seems like the Air Accident Report.

According to the FBI telex, Engler contacted the FBI in Los Angeles at 8:51 AM Pacific Standard Time. He provided the whereabouts of the downed plane, and the FBI forwarded that information to the LA Coast Guard.

At 9:10 AM PST Engler re-contacted the FBI and said he was tracking men, not the plane. The Bureau also forwarded this information to the Coast Guard.

The description Engler gave is near the Malaspina Glacier beside Yakutat Bay. This is roughly 57-58% of the distance from Anchorage to Juneau.

The Report states that the pilot expected a 3 1/2 hr flight, using an airspeed of 170 knots. It states that the Cessna departed at 8:59 Alaska Standard Time, which is 7:59 PST.

If that is the true departure time, the Cessna was only in the air about 50 minutes before Engler reported it down. That is only about 23-24% of its expected flight time.

I suspect that the Report fudged the Cessna times. I also suspect that Engler was tracking it while it was in flight. I also suspect that Engler was working for TRW Systems in Los Angeles, which by the early 70's had developed the Rhyolite spy satellite for the CIA, which could read data on the ground.

October 16, 1972 was a Monday.

Isn't 859 AST actually 959:PST? If so, I think the math works out just about right.

Edited by Bob Ness
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